360° Spinning Dog Bike Leash for Smoother Rides



Give your pup the ultimate biking experience with the Malabi 360° Spinning Dog Bike Leash! This innovative leash allows your dog to run freely next to your bike without any pulling, pushing or tangling.

The secret is in the rotating carbon fiber rod that effortlessly spins 360°, giving your dog ample room to move from side to side. No more crossed leashes or abrupt stops. Just smooth, safe running for both you and your furry companion!

Attaching This Leash is a Snap

Thanks to the quick-release mechanism, this leash can be attached and detached from your bike in seconds. Simply snap the carbon fiber handle into place and you’re ready to ride.

The leash is fully adjustable too. Extend or shorten as needed to give your dog just the right amount of running space. Finding that perfect fit for you and your pup couldn’t be easier.

Incredibly Durable Yet Lightweight

The carbon fiber construction makes this leash incredibly lightweight yet strong. It’s 10x stronger than steel but 15x lighter, meaning no extra weight dragging you down.

You’ll barely notice it’s there, even on long rides. But it will withstand all the running, pulling and activity from even the most energetic dog. We’re talking durability that keeps up with your adventures together.

Absorb Sudden Movements for Added Safety

An internal shock absorbing mechanism helps keep the ride smooth and steady. It absorbs any sudden jerks or pulls from your dog, preventing falls or loss of control.

You can pedal confidently knowing this leash has your back. Focus on enjoying the fresh air and scenery while your dog plays, runs and explores to his heart’s content.

Freedom for Your Dog, Peace of Mind for You

With the 360° spinning ability, shock absorption, and quick release, this leash truly provides freedom for your dog and peace of mind for you.

Your dog can run, play and move naturally without getting tangled or tripping you up. And you can bike comfortably knowing your dog is safe at your side.

Take your bike rides from stressful to serene with this clever dog leash. Your pup will absolutely love exploring the outdoors during your cycling adventures together.

Run Farther and Explore More

The smooth spinning movement and lightweight feel mean you can ride farther and explore more new trails than ever before.

This leash allows you to ride for miles without fatigue from pulling and tugging. Discover new sights and spots in your area or bike to that perfect picnic spot with less effort thanks to this handy leash.

Your dog will love all the new places you can go together when biking is fun and comfortable for both of you. More sights, more smells, more quality time spent!

Designed for Safety and Comfort

From the shock absorbing interior to the quick release clamp, every feature of this leash is designed with your dog’s safety and comfort in mind.

We know your pup’s wellbeing is top priority. That’s why our expert designers created something to give your dog the most enjoyable, hazard-free biking experience possible.

You Can Trust Malabi Quality

Malabi is well-known for innovation and quality when it comes to pet products. We only create products that we would use ourselves with our own beloved furry friends.

Our goal is enriching the lives of pets and pet parents everywhere. We do rigorous testing and stick to the highest standards so your dog is guaranteed an amazing experience with our leash.

Buy with Confidence

With Malabi, you can buy with total confidence. We proudly stand behind our products and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you or your pup don’t absolutely love this leash, just send it back. We’ll provide a full refund or replacement. No hassle, no questions asked.

We know your dog’s safety and comfort is too important to take risks. That’s why we make it easy with our money-back guarantee.

Give Your Dog the Freedom They Deserve

Don’t hold your dog back from adventure and exercise. With the Malabi 360° Spinning Dog Bike Leash, you can give them the freedom they deserve to run alongside your bike safely.

This clever leash prevents tangles, jerks and frustration so you and your dog can share the joy of outdoor cycling. Buy today and see the difference it makes on your very first ride together!


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