Armorcope 2K HD Pet Camera with App – Your Pet’s Best Friend for Staying Connected Day & Night



Keep an eye on your furry friends even when you’re away with the Armorcope 2K HD Pet Camera. With its 355° pan/tilt rotation, 100% coverage of any room, and crisp 2K video quality, you’ll never miss a trick your pets get up to.

Stay Connected to Your Pets with 2-Way Audio

Not only can you see your pets, but you can talk to them too! The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to soothe your anxious pup during a storm, give your kitty a stern “no” when they’re scratching the couch, or sing your pet a lullaby at bedtime. Hearing your voice through the camera gives your pet comfort and security.

Receive Smart Notifications for Motion Detection

Unsure if your pet made a mess while you were out or if an intruder is in your home? Get notifications on your phone anytime motion is detected so you can check in immediately. The intelligent camera detects both humans and pets, so you’ll know if it’s just Fido pacing or a possible trespasser.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom In on the Action

With 355° horizontal rotation and 100° tilt up and down, you can scan every inch of a room to find where your pet is hiding. See your fish swimming in their tank in the corner or zoom in 8X to watch your hamster running in their wheel. No blind spots means full visibility.

Ultra-Clear 2K Video Streaming

View live footage in high 2560×1440 pixel resolution on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Crisper video quality than 1080p cameras means you see more details, like your cat’s excited twitching tail before pouncing a toy. 2.4Ghz WiFi ensures a smooth, uninterrupted connection.

Advanced Night Vision Sees in the Dark

A dark room is no match for the camera’s night vision. 12 infrared LEDs provide black and white night vision up to 32ft so you can check on your pet’s late night activity or feel assured when you hear a noise downstairs. Make sure your pet’s safe all through the night.

Motion Tracking Keeps Your Pet in View

When enabled, the smart camera will automatically rotate to follow and keep your pet in frame as they wander about the room, so you don’t have to constantly pan and tilt to find them. Never lose sight of what your mischievous pet is getting into, even if they try to avoid detection.

24/7 Continuous & Motion-Triggered Recording

Choose to record continuously 24 hours a day or only during motion events. Both modes allow you to see what happened while you were away or save funny moments to relive later. Video can be stored securely on the cloud for 3 days for free before rolling off or save recordings locally to a MicroSD card up to 128GB.

Two-Layer Encrypted Cloud Storage

For convenience, you can store videos securely in the cloud rather than relying on local storage alone. Your videos are encrypted twice on upload and transmission for complete protection and privacy peace of mind. No one else can access your videos.

Full Control from Your Smartphone

The easy-to-use app provides complete control over the camera right from your iOS or Android device. View live streams, playback recordings, share videos, listen and talk through the camera, pan/tilt, enable motion tracking and more! Set schedules, adjust settings, and receive alert notifications even when you’re on the go.

Compact Design Blends into Any Home

Measuring just 4.5” tall, the small camera won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Place it discreetly on shelves, counters or tables to monitor room activity day and night. The simple white design fits any decor from modern to farmhouse.

Easy and Flexible Placement

The included metal bracket provides versatile placement options to get the best viewing angle. Set on tables or shelves, mount to the wall or ceiling, or use the built-in magnet to adhere to metal surfaces. Plug in and go thanks to WiFi connectivity – no wiring needed!

What’s Included:

Armorscope 2K Pan/Tilt WiFi Pet Camera
Metal Bracket for Wall/Ceiling Mounting
Power Adapter
USB Cable
User Manual
Give yourself peace of mind knowing your pets are comfortable and safe even when you can’t physically be there. With its comprehensive smart features, high quality HD video and advanced night vision, the Armorscope Pet Camera is your pet’s best friend!


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