Automatic Feeder for Two Cats with Split Bowls



Tired of rushing home at lunch to feed your cats or worrying if they have enough food while you’re away? An automatic pet feeder allows you to feed your furry friends even when you can’t be there. The PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Food Dispenser is the perfect solution for any multi-cat household.

This innovative feeder can dispense food evenly between two cats up to 6 times per day. The unique movable meal splitter ensures each cat gets just the right portion size without leaving behind any uneaten food. You can customize each feeding time and portion to suit your cats’ unique needs. No more fights over who gets the most kibble!

The PETLIBRO feeder keeps your cat’s food fresh using an airtight design. A transparent window lets you monitor food levels, while a patented rotor and desiccant bag lock in freshness. Every bite stays crunchy until it reaches your cat’s bowl. An infrared sensor prevents jamming by stopping the flow if the outlet becomes blocked.

Operating this automatic feeder is a breeze with the easy-to-use control panel. The clear LED display lets you precisely set up to 6 mealtimes and adjust portions from 10 to 50 ml. There’s also a convenient manual feed button that dispenses up to 5 extra portions. Never again worry about getting home late – just press the button and give your cats a treat!

One of the most amazing features is the personalized voice recorder. You can record a 10 second message in your own voice that plays when it’s mealtime. Now you can talk to your cats and call them to dinner even when you aren’t home. Set the message to play up to 5 times so your cats can enjoy their meals in peace.

With both USB and battery power, you’ll have peace of mind knowing this feeder can operate even in a power outage. The batteries provide backup for up to 12 meals so your cats never miss dinner. An included USB cable lets you easily power the feeder while saving on batteries.

If you want to keep your cats fed and happy while you’re out working, traveling, or sleeping in, the PETLIBRO Automatic Feeder is a must-have. Tired of your cats meowing incessantly for food or fighting over who eats first? This feeder evenly splits meals between 2 cats, keeping them satisfied and reducing anxiety when you’re away. With customizable portion sizes and mealtimes, your cats will get the right amount of food when they need it.

The innovative design keeps kibble fresh and prevents jamming, so you know your cats are getting tasty, crunchy food every time. Never deal with spoiled wet food again! Record a personalized message in your voice to call them to mealtime, keeping your bond strong even when apart. With battery backup, you have the reliability of knowing they’ll always be fed even in a power outage.

Invest in your cats’ health and happiness with the PETLIBRO automatic feeder today. You’ll have peace of mind that your furry friends are fed on time and eating just the right amount. With quality features engineered for multi-cat households, this feeder takes the stress out of coordinating multiple pet feedings and keeps them satisfied while you’re away at work or on vacation. Order now and take your first step toward better meal management! Your cats will thank you.


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