Complete Dog & Cat Ear Cleaning Solution – 1 Gallon



Keep your furry friend’s ears clean and healthy with Pet MD’s Otic-Clean Dog and Cat Ear Cleaner. This veterinarian-formulated ear solution is specially designed to gently yet effectively remove dirt, debris, wax buildup, and allergens from your pet’s ears.

Regular ear cleaning is essential for your cat or dog’s ear health. Their ears are prone to developing infections, irritation, itchiness, and foul odors if not properly cared for. Our Otic-Clean solution can help prevent these problems and keep your pet comfortable.

Why Pet MD Otic-Clean is the Best Choice for Your Pet:

Veterinarian-Formulated: Contains a gentle, non-irritating formula safe for regular use. Developed by veterinarians for effective cleaning and deodorizing.
For Both Dogs and Cats: Safe and effective for regular ear care of all breeds of dogs and cats over 12 weeks old.
Removes Wax & Debris Buildup: Salicylic Acid breaks down and flushes out wax, dead skin cells, dirt, pollen and other debris.
Fights Odor & Itchiness: Deodorizes and gently acidifies the ear canal to combat bacterial and fungal growth that causes odor and itchiness.
Soothes Irritation: Aloe Vera soothes inflammation and irritation caused by debris and allergens trapped in the ears.
For Daily Use: Gentle ingredients won’t sting or burn. Safe for regular cleansing of ears prone to buildup.
For Pets That Swim & Bathe Often: Frequent swimming or bathing leads to excess moisture that can irritate pet’s ears. Regular cleaning prevents infection.
For Long, Floppy Eared Breeds: Long-eared dogs and cats like Coonhounds, Beagles and Maine Coons are prone to buildup and need frequent ear care.
Bulk Gallon For Groomers: Gallon size is ideal for professional groomers, shelters and breeders with multiple pets needing ear care.
How to Use:

Shake bottle well before each use. Fill ear canal with solution then gently massage the base of the ear. Allow your pet to shake their head to expel solution and debris. Use cotton balls to gently wipe out any remaining solution. For best results, use 1-2 times per week for maintenance cleaning. May be used daily if your pet has excessive buildup. Safe for long-term use.

Give your furry companion the ear cleaning they deserve with Pet MD Otic-Clean. Order a bottle today to keep their ears clean, fresh and itch-free!


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