Feed Your Feline Friend from Anywhere with the PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder



The search for the purrfect automatic cat feeder ends here! This upgraded 5G WiFi pet feeder by PETLIBRO takes all the guesswork out of feeding your favorite furball while you’re away. With the easy-to-use app, you can schedule up to 10 meals per day anytime, anywhere. No more coming home to a hungry, grumpy kitty or overfed, sluggish cat. This smart cat feeder lets you monitor and control your cat’s meals so you can finally stick to the vet-recommended feeding schedule.

Take the Distance Out of Caring for Your Cat

You want the best for your feline friend, but life gets busy. The PETLIBRO cat feeder connects to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks so you can program and monitor feedings right from your iOS or Android device. Set 1-50 portions per meal up to 10 times per day. The easy-to-use app sends notifications when food is low or if a feeding time is skipped. Multiple family members can access the app so everyone stays updated. No need to worry if you end up working late or going out of town last minute.

Seal in Freshness and Flavor

Dry food can lose its taste and nutrients when exposed to air and moisture. That’s why the PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder features an airtight design. The twist lock lid and rotating chute prevent air exposure and keeps curious kitties from breaking in. The built-in desiccant bag absorbs excess moisture. With PETLIBRO, it will be like every meal just came out of the bag!

Feed with Precision

The precise portion control allows you to stick to the ideal portion size for your cat based on weight and activity level. No more free-feeding leading to feline obesity and related health issues. The app makes it simple to adjust portions as needed if your cat gains or loses weight.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Notifications

Wondering if your cat got breakfast before you left for work? The app sends notifications when scheduled feedings are dispensed or missed. Got held up in traffic and worried kitty didn’t get dinner? Check the status right from your phone for that extra peace of mind. Out of food or low battery? You’ll also get alerts so you can refill and recharge promptly.

Hear Your Cat Happily Crunch Away

The infrared sensor ensures food dispenses properly into the bowl. It prevents blockages and alerts you if your cat tries to cheat the system. The stainless steel bowl keeps feeding hygienic and won’t harbor bacteria. Record a 10-second voice message so your cat hears a familiar, friendly voice announce mealtimes.

Power Options for Uninterrupted Feeding

Never worry about a power outage foiling your cat’s feeding schedule. The feeder runs on the included USB power adapter but can also use 3 D batteries (not included) for backup power. The low battery notification gives you time to change batteries or reconnect power before the next feeding.

Check Food Levels with a Quick Glance

The generous, transparent food reservoir makes it easy to see when it’s time to top up your cat’s food supply. The airtight design keeps 5 liters fresh and also prevents odor from escaping. Flip the dispenser over to easily load kibble through the wide opening.

Give Your Cat the Gift of Routine

Cats thrive on routine. When mealtimes are predictable, cats feel more secure and relaxed. No more annoying your cat for food or agonizing if your pet sitter fed on schedule. Take the hassle out of coordinating care when traveling or working late.

Designed with Feline-Friendly Features

PETLIBRO designed this automatic pet feeder with convenience for pet parents and comfort for furry friends in mind:

Generous 5 liter capacity
Dishwasher safe stainless steel bowl
BPA-free plastic construction
Quiet motor won’t startle cats
Safety sensors prevent jamming
Low food and battery notifications
Easy voice recording feature
Durable build withstands cat acrobatics
Measures food precise to 0.5 oz/15 ml

Give Your Cat the Gift of Convenience

Tired of scooping kibble into a bowl every morning and night? Do you worry about asking neighbors or sitters to take care of feedings when you’re away? End the chore of meal prep with PETLIBRO. This smart cat feeder takes care of scheduled feedings so you can simply pour food into the reservoir and let the dispenser work its magic. More time for play and snuggle sessions with kitty!

Choose PETLIBRO for Pet-Approved Performance

PETLIBRO designed this upgraded automatic feeder to outperform other cat food dispensers. The intuitive app and versatility of features makes this a must-have for multi-cat homes and busy pet parents. Give your feline friend fresh, perfectly portioned meals on a schedule that works for both of you. With over 5 years experience crafting pet products, PETLIBRO delivers quality and reliability you and your cat can count on.


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