Fuel Your Dog’s Active Lifestyle with Orijen Fit & Trim Grain-Free Dog Food



Keep your canine companion in peak physical condition with Orijen Fit & Trim grain-free dry dog food. Specially formulated for athletic and working dogs, this high-protein kibble provides the nutrients your dog needs to maintain an ideal body condition and strong, lean muscles.

Tailored for Peak Physical Fitness

The key to any successful fitness program is a diet tailored to support your goals. Orijen Fit & Trim contains 85% high-quality animal ingredients to mimic the natural ancestral diet of dogs in the wild. This biomimetic formula helps build and maintain lean muscle mass so your dog stays in top shape.

Powered by Premium Protein

Dogs are built to thrive on a high-protein diet. That’s why the first 5 ingredients in Orijen Fit & Trim are loaded with premium animal protein from fresh chicken, turkey, flounder, mackerel, and eggs. With 38% protein, this grain-free recipe provides the amino acids active dogs need to maintain and repair muscle tissue.

Nutrient-Dense WholePrey Ingredients

Inspired by the natural diets of wild canines, Fit & Trim features WholePrey ratios of meat, organs, and bone. This unique blend of ingredients delivers a rich diversity of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals to support your dog’s overall health and fitness goals.

CarbSmart for Canine Athletes

While dogs need protein, too many carbs from grains can lead to excess weight gain. That’s why Fit & Trim is completely grain-free and low-glycemic with no potato, tapioca or plant protein concentrates. The limited carbohydrates come from lentils, peas, and fresh fruits and veggies.

Made in the USA

You can feel good knowing this premium dog food is made by Champion Petfoods in their own kitchens in Kentucky and Alberta, Canada. Orijen only sources the finest ingredients from reputable suppliers around the world. There are no mystery ingredients – just quality nutrition in every bite.

Fuel an Active Lifestyle at Any Life Stage

The specially tailored nutrients in Orijen Fit & Trim support athletic dogs of all breeds, sizes, and ages. From puppyhood through the senior years, the balanced recipe provides complete and balanced nutrition for dogs with active lifestyles.

Lean Muscle for Growing Puppies

The generous levels of animal protein supply amino acids for healthy muscle development in large and giant breed puppies. The calcium and phosphorus levels are carefully calibrated to support controlled bone growth.

Peak Conditioning for Adults

Adult dogs need protein for muscle maintenance and repair from exercise and activity. The calories from premium animal proteins and fats help working dogs meet higher energy requirements while maintaining an ideal body condition.

Senior Support

There’s no need for less active senior dogs to eat reduced protein. The balanced calorie load keeps aging dogs satisfied while the high meat content supports joint health and mobility.

Real Whole Food Ingredients

Orijen mirrors the richness, freshness, and variety of meats that dogs are evolved to eat. This is real food made with care:

Fresh or raw turkey and chicken, and fresh whole eggs
Whole flounder and mackerel deliver omega-3 fatty acids
Chicken and turkey liver provide natural vitamin A
Greens, fruits, and botanicals act as antioxidants
Dried kelp supplies natural iodine for the thyroid
Freeze-dried turkey liver enhances palatability
Every ingredient contributes to the natural protein and nutrient density of this formula. There are no plant protein fillers or less nutritious synthetic supplements.

Ancestral Nutrition. Modern Innovation.

Orijen is modeled after a dog’s natural, evolutionary diet. But Champion Petfoods also leverages the power of modern food technology to craft kibble that nourishes dogs according to their biological needs:

Made in Champion’s own kitchens under strict quality control
Low-temperature cooking preserves natural nutrition
Fresh meats are flash-frozen at their source for preservation
Freeze-drying concentrates the goodness of raw meats
Carefully added supplements balance the formula
You can be confident Orijen provides the highest quality, safest nutrition to fuel your dog’s active lifestyle. Check the Orijen difference for yourself. Order a bag of Fit & Trim grain-free dog food today!


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