Give Your Furry Friend 5-Star Dining with the PETLIBRO WiFi Pet Feeder



Meet the ultimate pet parent’s secret weapon – the PETLIBRO automatic pet feeder with built-in 1080p HD camera. This smart gadget takes the guesswork out of pet feeding so you can give your fur baby healthy and scheduled meals even when you can’t be there.

With the easy-to-use PETLIBRO app, you can conveniently program automated feeding schedules from anywhere via WiFi, schedule up to 10 meals per day with customizable portion sizes from 1-50, and even record a personalized dinner call that plays each mealtime. The wide angle 1080p camera allows you to check in and see your pet enjoying their food in crystal clear quality video right from your smartphone – it even has night vision!

Key Features:

Smart App Controls and Remote Monitoring

The PETLIBRO pet feeder is enabled with dual-band 5GHz and 2.4GHz WiFi allowing you full control from the PETLIBRO Lite app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, the intuitive app makes it easy to set schedules, portion sizes, record meal calls, monitor food levels, and receive smart notifications if food is low, a feeding is missed, or the WiFi connection is lost. The wide angle 1080p camera can capture your pet in action at mealtimes, and video playback is available right in the app.

Crystal Clear Video with Night Vision

With a high definition 1080p camera, 145° viewing angle, and built-in infrared LEDs, you’ll enjoy crystal clear video of your pet eating day or night. The camera auto-captures video during feedings which can be saved on a micro SD card up to 256GB or optional cloud storage service. Infrared night vision allows you to check in on your pet any time of day or night.

Two-Way Audio for Custom Meal Calls

The built-in microphone and speaker allow you to record a personalized meal call message up to 10 seconds long. Set the message to play up to 5 times per meal to call your pet to dinner or remind them you love them. Hear your pet respond with the two-way audio capabilities.

Reliable Blockage and Food Level Sensors

Infrared sensors continuously monitor the food outlet and bowl, detecting blockages to prevent overflow messes or underfeeding. The transparent hopper also lets you check food levels at a glance. Get notified by the app if food is running low or if a feeding blockage occurs so you can take action.

Spill-Resistant Single Serving Bowl

The single compartment feeding bowl is designed to prevent messes while accommodating both wet and dry food. Food is dispensed in controlled portion sizes via an internal auger screw to guarantee your pet gets the right amount of food at each feeding.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing your pet is eating right on schedule even when you can’t be there. With smart controls, portion customization, HD video, and reliable sensors, the PETLIBRO WiFi pet feeder takes pet parenting to the next level.


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