Give Your Pets the Gift of Health with Open Farm’s Ethically Sourced Bone Broth Topper



Pet parents know that our furry friends deserve only the best. That’s why more and more owners are saying no to low-quality kibble and yes to fresh, human-grade ingredients. Open Farm has answered the call with their Bone Broth Food Topper – an easy way to add quality protein and health-promoting nutrients to your dog or cat’s diet.

Open Farm starts by simmering real bones from pasture-raised turkeys, grass-fed beef, and free-range chickens to produce a concentrated, collagen-rich bone broth. This slow cooking process draws out the natural flavors and extracts the nutrients locked inside the bones and marrow. The result is a savory, protein-packed broth that pets love and that provides a range of benefits.

This bone broth topper contains high levels of collagen – the most abundant protein in the body that forms the building blocks for skin, coat, joints, cartilage, and the digestive tract. As pets age, collagen production slows, so adding a collagen boost from bone broth helps maintain your dog or cat’s mobility, digestive regularity, skin and coat health, and overall vitality.

In addition to collagen, real bone broth delivers nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and glycosaminoglycans for joint support. The natural gelatin in bone broth has also been shown to help seal leaks in the intestinal lining, improving digestion and reducing inflammation.

To make this bone broth even more nutritious, Open Farm adds superfoods like organic turmeric, an anti-inflammatory that also enhances cognitive function and liver health. They include organic carrots rich in beta carotene, and parsley which acts as a natural breath freshener. Organic pumpkin is a source of fiber that also aids digestion and weight management.

Open Farm uses only humanely raised animals and follows strict sourcing standards to ensure the highest quality ingredients without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors. The bones come from family farms that adhere to high animal welfare principles. This commitment to transparency and traceability gives pet owners peace of mind about what they are feeding their beloved companions.

Serving Suggestions for This Nutrient-Dense Topper:

Pour bone broth over dry kibble to add moisture and flavor for picky eaters. The broth will soften the kibble, releasing aromas, making it more enticing.
Use bone broth to hydrate raw, freeze-dried, dehydrated, or canned foods. It adds moisture while enhancing palatability.
Mix with warm water for an instant gravy to pour over food.
Pour bone broth over your pet’s food as a comforting mealtime ritual.
Keep bone broth handy for times when medication must be given with food.
Heat bone broth and let your pet lap it up as a special treat. The warmth is soothing and stimulating.
Freeze bone broth in ice cube trays for nourishing food puzzles and treats.
Stir a spoonful of yogurt, cottage cheese, or pureed pumpkin into the broth for variety.
In addition to making mealtimes more enticing and nutritious, Open Farm’s Bone Broth Topper can benefit pets in these ways:

For adult and senior pets:

Supports mobility and joint health with collagen and glycosaminoglycans
Aids digestion
Freshens breath
Provides easily absorbed nutrients and hydration
For puppies and kittens:

Provides collagen to support development
Hydrates and provides electrolytes for optimal growth
For all life stages:

Promotes a shiny, healthy coat
Strengthens the immune system
Supports cognitive function and liver health with turmeric
Boosts overall nutrient intake
Give your dog or cat the benefits of this gourmet bone broth crafted with only ethically sourced ingredients. Open Farm’s Bone Broth Topper makes it easy to add quality nutrition to every meal while pleasing your pet’s palate.


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