Give Your Pup a Pedicure with the Pet Republique Dog Nail Grinder and Clipper Set



Does your furry friend hate getting his nails trimmed? Make pedicures easy and stress-free for both you and your pup with the Pet Republique Dog Nail Grinder and Clipper Set. This all-in-one grooming kit includes everything you need to safely and humanely trim your dog’s nails at home.

Grind Away Sharp Nails with the Gentle, Low-Noise Grinder

The highlight of this set is the pet-friendly nail grinder. The quiet motor operates at less than 60dB to minimize noise that could startle your dog. And with two speed settings and three openings for nail sizes, you can customize grinding for a smooth, rounded nail edge.

The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand while the diamond bit efficiently grinds down your dog’s nails. The grinder is rechargeable for cordless use, and the USB charging cable is included. Charge it up and take this portable grooming tool anywhere.

Key Features of the Pet Republique Dog Nail Grinder:

  • Designed for small and medium dogs under 20 lbs
  • Ultra-quiet motor operates at less than 60dB
  • Two speed settings for customized grinding
  • Three openings suit different nail sizes
  • Diamond bit safely and gently grinds nails
  • Ergonomic, easy-grip design
  • Rechargeable for cordless use
  • Includes USB charging cable

The nail grinder allows you to round and smooth your dog’s nails bit-by-bit for a stress-free pedicure. No more being the bad guy as you clip and clip away!

Trim Nails Quickly with Quality Clippers

The Pet Republique set also includes a sturdy pair of nail clippers sized for small dogs. The sharp, stainless steel blades provide a clean cut to neatly trim your pup’s nails in one motion. Safety stop blades help you avoid cutting the quick. Rubberized grips give you a secure hold.

Give Your Dog a Salon-Quality Pedicure at Home

With the nail grinder and clippers, you have the professional grooming tools you need for at-home pedicures your dog will tolerate – and maybe even enjoy. No more wrestling or expensive trips to the groomer. Just happier, healthier paws all around.

Our Promise to Pets

Pet Republique donates 15% of profits to the American Animal Rescue Society to help save and home rescued dogs and cats. When you buy from Pet Republique, you help pets in need.

We also want your pet to be happy with our products. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee along with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. We stand behind our quality and your satisfaction.

Choose the Right Size for Your Pup

We make the nail grinder in three sizes to suit dogs big and small:

  • Small: For dogs under 20 lbs
  • Medium: For dogs 20 – 50 lbs
  • Large: For dogs over 50 lbs

The nail grinder you choose comes with appropriately sized nail clippers.

Give your small dog the pedicure he deserves with our small nail grinder and clippers set. Order today for easier at-home pet grooming!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I introduce my dog to the nail grinder?

Go slow and use positive reinforcement. Let your dog sniff and explore the grinder when it’s off. Reward with praise and treats for calm behavior. Turn it on, but keep it away from your dog at first so they get used to the sound. Over multiple sessions, work up to briefly touching their nails with the spinning grinder while feeding treats. Take it slow and don’t force it if your dog seems fearful. Proper conditioning can help them accept grinding.

Can I use the nail grinder on my cat?

Yes, you can use this grinder on kitties too! Just be sure to choose the small size and introduce it carefully. The quiet motor is ideal for cats who startle easily at noises. Reward your cat with treats so they associate the grinder with positive experiences.

How often should I grind my dog’s nails?

It depends on how quickly your dog’s nails grow. Check them every 2-4 weeks and grind them whenever the nails get long enough to click on the floor. Grinding small amounts regularly is safer and more comfortable than waiting until they get really long.

Is grinding or clipping better for my dog?

Grinding and clipping both have pros and cons. Clipping gets nails short quickly but can split or crack nails if done wrong. Grinding takes more time but rounds smooth edges less likely to split. For most dogs, combining grinding and clipping gives the safest, most comfortable results.

How do I know if the nail grinder is too loud for my dog?

Pay attention to your dog’s reaction. If they seem fearful, anxious, or in pain, the grinder may be too harsh. Try the lower speed setting or place a towel between the grinder and nail to dampen vibration. If your dog continues reacting poorly, a grinder may not be the best option. Stick to occasional calm clipper sessions.

Can I grind my dog’s nails by myself?

You can, but it helps to have someone assist you, especially the first few times. Have a second person hold and reassure your dog. Or place your dog up on a table or platform at waist height to free your hands for grinding. Go slowly and get your dog comfortable with the process. Make it a positive experience with praise and rewards.

Will grinding nails hurt my dog?

Used properly, the grinder should not hurt. Avoid holding it in one spot too long, as heat could build up and burn. Touch the grinder to the nail lightly and for short intervals. Stop if your dog shows any signs of discomfort. Introduce it carefully so your dog doesn’t associate grinding with pain.

Grind and trim your dog’s nails regularly with the safe, effective Pet Republique Nail Grinder and Clipper Set. Order yours today!


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