Glowing Dog Collar – Never Lose Your Pet at Night!



Your furry friend brings you joy and companionship every day. Now it’s your turn to keep them safe on their nightly walks with the MASBRILL Rechargeable LED Dog Collar. This innovative collar ensures your pup is visible up to 1/4 mile away, protecting them from cars, cyclists and other hazards when visibility is low.

360° Illumination for Maximum Safety

This LED dog collar completely encircles your pet’s neck with bright, glowing light. 50+ long-lasting LEDs are embedded in the durable nylon collar to provide 360° illumination that can be seen from all sides. No more worrying about your dog darting into the road or getting lost in the darkness.

Three Handy Light Modes

The collar features three useful light modes so you can adjust for any situation. Choose from fast flash, steady flash or constant light. Fast flash is perfect for high visibility when you’re on neighborhood walks. Steady flash makes your pup easy to spot if you’re on a hike or camping trip. Constant light lets you keep track of your pet’s location at all times.

Fully Waterproof for All-Weather Use

Don’t let rain, snow or puddles stop your nightly dog walk! This LED dog collar is made with durable, waterproof materials that stand up to any weather conditions. The collar band and LED lights are totally waterproof so you don’t have to worry about damage.

Rechargeable Battery Lasts for Days

Stop wasting money on disposable batteries! This LED collar has a built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery that provides up to 15 hours of light on a single 2 hour charge. The included USB charging cable makes powering up quick and convenient. Just plug into any powered USB port.

Adjustable Size for Perfect Fit

One size collar fits all! This LED dog collar is designed to comfortably fit breeds from tiny chihuahuas all the way up to large huskies and labradors. Simply adjust the length from 14 to 20 inches for a custom fit. The sturdy side release buckle makes it easy to put on and take off your dog in seconds.

Durable Construction Built to Last

This isn’t your average dog collar! It’s made from high quality nylon webbing with strong stitching designed to stand up to daily use. The flat optical LED fibers are encased in flexible TPU plastic that protects the lights and allows the collar to bend. Your dog can wear this collar on all their adventures without you having to worry about breakage.

Choose from Multiple Fun Colors

Available in bright colors like red, blue, green and yellow, this LED dog collar adds some flair to your pet’s nightly walks. Match their collar to their personality or your personal style. Plus the vibrant colors make your dog even more visible at night.

Reflective Strips Provide Extra Safety

For even more visibility, this LED dog collar features reflective strips on the outer band. These reflective materials shine brightly when hit with light from car headlights, street lamps and more. Your dog will absolutely stand out wearing this collar.

Designed for Comfortable Daily Wear

Pets can wear this LED collar all day long without any discomfort. The flat collar design lays smoothly against your dog’s neck. It’s lightweight at just 2 ounces so your dog won’t even notice it’s on. The smooth nylon won’t irritate your dog’s skin or fur.

Perfect for All Size Dogs

No matter if you have a Chihuahua or a Great Dane, this LED dog collar provides safety and style. Available sizes fit dog’s necks measuring 14 to 20 inches around. Just check your dog’s current collar size and order the matching LED collar for a perfect fit.

Lifetime Breakage Warranty

We stand behind the durability of our LED dog collars. Your purchase is backed by our lifetime breakage warranty which covers any defects in materials or workmanship. If you ever have issues with the collar, we’ll provide a replacement for free.

Keep your beloved pet secure on nighttime walks with the ultimate illumination of the MASBRILL LED Dog Collar. This smart safety collar ensures 360° visibility to help prevent accidents and keeps your dog comfortable all day long. Order today to get the peace of mind that your pet is protected, even when darkness falls.


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