Illuminate Your Dog’s Safety on Nighttime Walks with the PTKIHOCOETL GOUGIND LED Light Up Dog Leash and Collar Set



Out for an evening stroll with your pup? Don’t let the darkness put you or your pooch in danger. The PTKIHOCOETL GOUGIND LED Light Up Dog Leash and Collar Set keeps your dog visible and secure when visibility is low. With bright LEDs embedded in both the leash handle and the dog collar, this set provides superior illumination so cars, bikes, and pedestrians can see your dog from up to 500 meters away.

Unparalleled Nighttime Visibility Keeps Your Dog Safe

Walking your dog at night comes with risks, even in familiar neighborhoods. Vehicles may not see your pet crossing the road or bounding down the sidewalk. Joggers, cyclists, and other pedestrians may not spot your pooch either. This LED dog leash and collar set employs bright LEDs to make your pup stand out. With 3 lighting modes—steady glow, fast blink, and slow blink—you can configure the lights for maximum visibility. Drivers and pedestrians will see your dog coming from a distance, giving them plenty of time to slow down or alter course.

Rechargeable Battery Lasts for Multiple Walks

You’ll get up to 5 hours of light for every 1 hour of USB charging. Since most nighttime dog walks last 30 minutes or less, the integrated rechargeable battery keeps the LEDs glowing for multiple outings before needing a recharge. No more buying replacement batteries! The included USB charging cable plugs into any port, so you can power up the leash/collar set conveniently at home or in your car.

Weatherproof and Durable for Years of Use

Don’t let rain, snow, or splashing puddles diminish the light output. This LED dog leash and collar set withstands wet weather and keeps working flawlessly. Both the plastic collar and polyester leash handle are waterproof, while the internal electronics resist moisture, too. And with tough construction, this set stands up to years of daily use. Take it on nightly walks without worrying about normal wear and tear.

Adjustable and Comfortable for Your Dog

Secures comfortably around your dog’s neck while remaining fully adjustable. Just slide the collar around your dog’s neck and tighten to your desired fit. The durable plastic clasp keeps the collar securely in place without chafing. Your dog will barely notice wearing this lightweight accessory. At just 2 ounces, it adds negligible weight during walks. The soft nylon leash won’t tug or strain your dog’s neck either.

Key Features:

  • Bright LEDs embedded in leash & collar for visibility up to 500 meters
  • 3 lighting modes: steady glow, fast blink, slow blink
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 hours (1 hour charging)
  • Waterproof and weatherproof construction
  • Durable for years of continuous use
  • Fully adjustable collar with sturdy clasp
  • Soft nylon leash won’t strain your dog’s neck
  • Weighs just 2 ounces for comfortable wear

Keep Your Pup Safe in Low Light

Don’t cut your dog walks short just because the sun goes down. With the PTKIHOCOETL GOUGIND LED Light Up Dog Leash and Collar Set, you’ll walk with confidence knowing drivers and pedestrians can see you coming from up to 5 football fields away even in pitch darkness. Order today to illuminate your dog’s safety on your next nighttime stroll!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise this will be the last LED dog leash and collar set you’ll need to buy. We back that with a lifetime replacement guarantee. If anything goes wrong with the lights, we’ll send you a brand new set free of charge. We stand behind our product 100% because we engineer it for lasting performance and durability. Buy the PTKIHOCOETL GOUGIND LED light up leash and collar today!


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