Illuminate Your Walks with the GlowDog LED Dog Leash



Take your evening and nighttime walks to the next level with the GlowDog LED dog leash. This innovative leash lights up to keep you and your pup safe and seen during dark hours.

Walk With Confidence at Night

Walking your dog at night can be tricky when visibility is low. With the GlowDog leash, you’ll no longer have to worry about not being seen by passing cars or bicyclists. The bright LED lights illuminate you and your pooch, providing a 360° glow that grabs attention. No more close calls or startling encounters on shadowy streets.

Rechargeable USB Battery

Powering the GlowDog leash is a built-in rechargeable battery that connects via USB for simple, convenient charging. No need to hassle with batteries. Just plug it in for 2 hours and you’ll get a glow that lasts for 8-10 hours per charge. The indicator lights let you know when it’s time to recharge.

Tough and Durable Design

Though the lights add visibility, the GlowDog leash doesn’t skimp on strength. It’s made from durable nylon that withstands heavy pulling and daily use. The sturdy metal clip and padded handle give you comfortable control over even large, powerful dogs up to 110lbs.

Customizable RGB Colors

Choose from 3 lighting modes to set the perfect mood for your walk.

Steady glow mode provides constant illumination
Slow fade mode transitions smoothly between red, green and blue
Quick strobe mode flashes colors for high visibility

You can also pause on a specific color if desired. Match your dog’s personality or represent your alma mater!

Water Resistant for All-Weather Use

Don’t let rain or snow stop your evening dog walking routine. The GlowDog leash is designed to withstand splashes and light moisture. The LED lights are sealed in a waterproof casing so they’ll keep shining in wet conditions.

Reflective Threads for Backup Visibility

In addition to the LED lights, reflective threads are woven throughout the leash strap. These reflect surrounding light for extra backup visibility. Drivers and cyclists will spot you coming even when the leash battery runs low.

Leash Extends to 6FT

A roomy 6FT length gives your dog freedom to explore and move comfortably on walks. The leash can also retract to 3FT for keeping your dog close in crowded areas. Toggle between lengths as needed for optimal control.

Safety First

While illuminating your walks, the GlowDog leash also focuses on keeping your dog secure. The heavy duty clasp clips securely onto collars and harnesses while the padded handle provides a slip-free grip. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet stays connected at night.

Designed for Small, Medium and Large Breeds

The GlowDog leash suits dogs of all sizes. The durable nylon weave and sturdy hardware withstand pull from large and powerful breeds up to 110lbs. Small and medium dogs benefit from increased visibility.

Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

Your satisfaction is important. GlowDog provides a lifetime replacement guarantee if you experience any issues with the LED dog leash. Contact us for prompt, courteous service.

Illuminate Your Night and Stand Out

Whether early morning, late evenings or midnight potty walks, the GlowDog LED dog leash lights your way. No more stumbling in darkness or worrying about visibility. Feel confident and safe walking your dog anytime with the GlowDog leash. Order today to light up your night walks!


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