Introducing the Lionheart Glory Premium Dog Collar – A Paw-some Fall Accessory for Your Furry Friend



Is your pup ready to celebrate the fall season in style? Introducing the Lionheart Glory Premium Dog Collar – a fashionable and functional autumn accessory for your four-legged friend. This high-quality collar features a removable pumpkin flower decoration that adds a touch of seasonal flair to your dog’s look.

Festive Fall Flowers

The 3.9 by 3.9 inch pumpkin flower decoration is the star of this collar. Crafted from soft cotton, the bright orange petals and green stem give off major fall vibes. Your pooch will look so cute strolling through the neighborhood or park with this autumnal flower accessory.

The pumpkin flower is removable, so you can take it on and off whenever you please. It attaches securely to the collar with an elastic loop on the backside that stretches to fit most standard width collars. Whether you want to add some seasonal cheer for a fall family photo op, a visit to a pumpkin patch, or trick-or-treating, this flower collar charm is a perfect pick.

Adjustable and Durable Design

The Lionheart Glory Premium Dog Collar itself is crafted with quality and comfort in mind. The straps are made of 100% cotton, providing softness against your dog’s fur. Cotton is also highly breathable, making this collar ideal for pups with sensitive skin.

This collar has a classic adjustable buckle closure, so you can find just the right snug but comfortable fit for your dog’s neck. It comes in a medium size designed to fit necks 13.5 to 22 inches around. Be sure to accurately measure your dog’s neck before selecting a size.

Durability is locked in thanks to the reinforced D-ring leash attachment. The heavy-duty 1-inch width provides excellent strength without being overly bulky. Whether your dog is tiny or quite large, the collar is built to hold up to pulls, tugs, and everyday wear and tear.

A Collar for All Occasions

While this collar shines as a festive fall accessory, it doesn’t have to be relegated to autumn. The high-quality cotton and adjustable durable design makes it an excellent year-round collar. Put the pumpkin flower on for fall fun then switch it out with other holiday flowers or decorative charms when the seasons change.

Or leave the flower off completely to use it as an everyday walking, training or ID collar. The classic solid color complements any dog’s coat while still providing visual distinction when out and about.

Mix and Match with Your Pup’s Personal Style

The Lionheart Glory Premium Dog Collar is currently available in eight classic color choices. Pick up one or more to mix and match with your dog’s unique style.

Here are the current color options along with suggested pairings:

Pumpkin Orange – Perfect paired with fall themes or great for hyper, enthusiastic pups
Sweet Pink – Adorable on lady dogs or pairs well with pastel and floral looks
Bold Red – Sophisticated look for refined pets or dashing dogs
Cool Blue – Great for laidback dude dogs or complementing blue-eyed breeds
Regal Purple – Majestic for posh pups or those who love the color
Sea Green – For nature-loving and adventurous dogs
Sunny Yellow – Brightens up any dog’s disposition and adds cheer
Jet Black – Classic and sophisticated for city dogs
With so many color options, you can find a perfect match for your dog’s personality and style. The coordinating pumpkin flower takes it up another notch.

Quality You Can Trust

Here at Lionheart Glory, we pride ourselves on creating premium quality collars, leashes, harnesses and accessories for pets of all shapes and sizes. We only use the best materials and durable hardware in our designs to ensure the safety, security and comfort of your furry family members.

Our collars followrecommendations set forth by the Center for Pet Safety for reduced risk of choking hazards. We also test all of our products thoroughly before they reach your door.

From our in-house designers to our production team to our customer service, we treat every product and each order with dedicated care and attention. We want you and your dog to be completely satisfied with this seasonal collar and any other Lionheart Glory products you purchase.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee on all of our pet goods. If you are not completely happy with this collar, please reach out so we can make it right. We also invite you to contact us with any other questions or requests about sizing, customization, or anything at all regarding our products.

Get the Lionheart Glory Premium Dog Collar for Your Pup Today!

Bring some seasonal fun and fashion into your pup’s autumn adventures with the Lionheart Glory Premium Dog Collar complete with removable pumpkin flower charm. Dress your dog up for all the festive fall moments ahead without sacrificing everyday comfort and durability. This collar will have tails wagging with joy!


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