Keep Kitty Engaged and Entertained with the PetFusion KittyCurve Cat Tunnel



Let your feline friend embrace their inner hunter with the PetFusion KittyCurve Cat Tunnel. This 62-inch tunnel has a lightweight yet durable design that pops open and folds down in seconds. Its unique S-curve shape and transparent mesh sections create the ultimate playground for cats and small dogs to explore, hunt, hide, peek, and pounce!

An Agility & Play Tunnel That Satisfies Feline Instincts

The PetFusion tunnel capitalizes on your cat’s natural instincts to stalk, prowl, pounce, and play. Its spacious 10-inch diameter allows kitty plenty of room to scamper through while the S-curve shape adds a fun agility component. Four entry and exit points let your cat dash in, out, around, and through with ease.

Two see-through mesh windows allow kitty to survey their kingdom from the security of the tunnel. Peekholes on each side give cats the perfect vantage point for hiding and surprise pouncing. Dangling feather toys at each end entice kitty to run back and forth batting and biting their prey. All this activity promotes healthy exercise to keep your cat active and entertained.

Collapsible Design for Quick Set Up & Storage

This interactive cat tunnel features a collapsible spring steel frame that pops open and folds down in just seconds. No assembly required! Simply expand the tunnel to its full 62-inch length and it’s ready for playtime. Two included tie straps keep the tunnel neatly folded for space-saving storage.

Weighing just 2.65 pounds, the PetFusion tunnel is lightweight and portable. Take it outside or move it between rooms to create new adventures. The compact size when collapsed makes storage a breeze. Slide it under the bed, tuck it in a closet, or stow it in the corner when playtime is over.

Safe, Durable Materials Built to Last

Constructed using high-quality polyester and mesh, this cat tunnel is made to endure endless rounds of pouncing, clawing, and chewing. The tear-resistant fabric stays looking new despite heavy use by energetic kitties.

The PetFusion tunnel frame features protective ends to avoid scratches or damage if kitty gets too rambunctious. All materials are non-toxic and BPA-free for your pet’s safety.

For quick and easy cleaning, simply spot clean the fabric with warm soapy water as needed. The materials resist odors, dirt, and fur buildup.

Excite Kitties of All Ages and Breeds

Customers rave about how much their cats and small dogs love darting through the PetFusion Cat Tunnel:

“Our two Bengal cats went nuts over this tunnel! They love running through it, hiding in it, jumping out to attack each other, and just generally wrestling around it. It’s a great way to get their energy out on cold or rainy days when they can’t go outside to play.”

“I have an elderly cat with arthritis and she enjoys walking through this tunnel every day – it helps her get gentle exercise. I love watching her sniff out the feather toys and bat at them from inside the tunnel.”

“This tunnel is a lifesaver for my high-energy kitten. Now when she gets the zoomies, she runs laps through the tunnel instead of tearing all over the house. It keeps her entertained for hours!”

“Our 50 lb bulldog adores army crawling and zooming through this cat tunnel! It’s hilarious to watch and fantastic exercise for him.”


  • Dimensions: 62 x 10 x 10 inches (length x width x height)
  • Collapsed size: 10 x 10 x 2 inches for easy storage
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs
  • Materials: Polyester fabric, steel frame
  • Includes: Tunnel, 2 feather cat toys
  • For cats and dogs under 30 lbs
  • 1 year warranty

Interact and Bond with Your Pet

The PetFusion Cat Tunnel doesn’t just entertain your cat – it’s a great tool for strengthening your relationship too.

Peek through the mesh windows and wiggle toys to get kitty’s attention. Watch your cat pounce and play from outside the tunnel. Toss treats or toys inside to keep the fun going.

Use the tunnel for exercise when you can’t actively play with your pet. The interactive design keeps cats engaged independently. Set up tunnels together for multi-cat households so no one is left out of the fun!

With its imaginative design and premium construction, the PetFusion Cat Tunnel will provide years of enjoyment and activity for your favorite feline. Order today and see their natural hunting skills come alive!


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