Keep Track of Your Flock’s Breeding Activity with the MATINGMARK Deluxe Sheep & Goat Breeding Harness



Know exactly when each of your ewes and does has been bred with the MATINGMARK Deluxe Breeding Harness. This sturdy, comfortable sheep and goat breeding harness allows you to easily monitor breeding activity by marking bred females with a colored wax crayon.

Durable Construction Stands Up to Heavy Use

Built by Rurtec in New Zealand and trusted by farmers worldwide since 2009, the MATINGMARK harness is made with quality materials designed for extended wear and rugged use. Wide straps distribute pressure evenly across the animal’s chest and back, while the crossover fit and molded brisket piece ensure a snug yet comfortable fit that won’t slip or chafe.

The harness fastens securely with heavy-duty YKK snap lock buckles that testing has shown to be twice as strong as other brands. These virtually indestructible buckles allow for quick and easy fitting and adjustment. Ends of straps can be tucked into slidable keepers so they don’t dangle loose.

An extra large size is also available for big bucks and rams. With its durable components, the MATINGMARK harness will provide seasons of reliable service.

Mark Mated Ewes & Does with Colorful Wax Crayons

When a ewe or doe is bred, the colored wax crayon attached to the ram or buck’s chest harness leaves a bright mark on her back. This allows you to easily identify at a glance which animals have been serviced and when.

MATINGMARK’s innovative “Click-In” crayon system makes changing or replacing crayons a breeze. Simply click a new crayon into the holder – no need to flip the animal over or fuss with cotter pins! You can even switch crayons while the male is standing.

Choose from a wide selection of vivid crayon colors to coordinate breeding dates. Our scourable crayon formula is certified as completely washable in New Zealand, Australia, UK, and US. Rain won’t wash the marks away before you’ve recorded them.

Efficiently Manage Your Breeding Program

Knowing exactly when each female was mated enables better management of lambing and kidding. You can plan accordingly and ensure adequate facilities and supervision when offspring are due. Identification of breed sires is also simplified.

The MATINGMARK Breeding Harness system helps you:

  • Identify ewes and does that come back into heat for rebreeding
  • Determine gestation periods and project due dates
  • Identify sire breeds by crayon color
  • Cull non-breeders
  • Evenly distribute lambing/kidding periods

With the MATINGMARK harness, you’ll have the information you need to make informed management decisions for a more productive flock.

Trusted Worldwide for Optimal Performance & Durability

For nearly 15 years, MATINGMARK by Rurtec has been the breeding harness of choice for sheep and goat producers across the globe. Farmers and shepherds love these rugged, easy-to-use harnesses for their ability to withstand tough conditions and clearly mark bred females for seasons on end. With quality construction and smart design, the MATINGMARK Deluxe Harness provides the stellar performance and longevity you need to successfully monitor and manage your flock’s reproduction.

Order the Complete System Today!

Don’t waste time guessing about your flock’s breeding status – know for sure with MATINGMARK! Our deluxe sheep and goat breeding harnesses provide a complete system for efficiently tracking breeding activity this season and for years to come.

Buy with confidence from the MATINGMARK brand you trust. Click Add to Cart now to order your durable breeding harness. Mating crayons sold separately – choose from our wide selection of scourable wax crayon colors.

We stand behind our products with excellent customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Please contact us with any questions. Happy breeding!


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