Keep Your Dog Fed and Happy with the PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder



Is your busy schedule keeping you from properly caring for your furry friend? Do you worry about your dog going hungry when you’re away at work or on a trip? Introducing the PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder – the perfect solution for pet parents who want to make sure their dogs are fed regularly and consistently, even when they can’t be there themselves.

Customized Feeding Schedules for Up to 4 Meals a Day

The PETLIBRO Dog Feeder allows you to pre-program up to 4 feeding schedules per day, dispensing between 1-39 portions each time. Use the easy-to-read LCD screen and function buttons to set customized meal times and sizes for your dog. Whether you have a small lap dog or a large breed that needs more frequent meals, this dog food dispenser can accommodate their unique needs.

Dispense Dry Food, Treats, or Prescription Kibble

This automatic pet feeder is designed to work with dry dog kibble up to 0.8 cm in diameter. Easily fill the large, transparent 6L container with your dog’s favorite store-bought or prescription food. The stainless steel food tray is removable for quick cleaning too. You can also use it to dispense occasional treats and rewards.

Record a Personalized Message for Your Pet

Not only does the PETLIBRO Dog Feeder keep your dog fed, but it also helps them feel comforted and less stressed when you’re gone. Simply press and hold the REC button to record a 10 second audio clip in your own voice. It will play each time the feeder dispenses food, so your dog hears a familiar, friendly greeting.

Avoid Food Jams and Clogging

One common problem with automatic pet feeders is kibble getting stuck, which leaves your dog hungry. PETLIBRO designed this dog food dispenser with an optimized food outlet angle to prevent jamming and clogging. The stainless steel tray helps food flow freely.

Locking Lid and Air-Tight Seal Keeps Food Fresh

Nothing’s worse than stale, mushy kibble. The PETLIBRO feeder has an airtight lid lock to maintain food freshness and prevent your clever canine from breaking in. The included desiccant bag absorbs excess moisture. Buy extra desiccant bags (search B08NVBYQHV) for optimal dryness.

Dual Power Supply Options

The PETLIBRO Dog Feeder runs on an included AC adapter or 3 D-cell batteries (batteries not included), so you don’t have to worry about power outages interrupting scheduled feedings. The memory function retains settings even after shutting off.

Simple and Intuitive LCD Interface

Programming your customized feeding schedule is easy with the intuitive LCD screen and just 3 buttons. Easily set the clock, portion sizes from 1-39, and 1-4 meal times. The LCD shows scheduled feed times, food amounts, battery level, and any malfunctions.

Compact 6L Capacity

The PETLIBRO automatic dog feeder has a 6 liter capacity, perfect for small to medium dogs. For larger breeds, combine scheduled feedings with some supervised mealtimes. The compact modern design looks great in any home.

Safety Features Give You Peace of Mind

The child lock prevents little fingers from accessing the buttons and overfeeding your dog. If the food supply runs low, the dispenser will pause scheduling to avoid issuing empty portions. And if power is lost, settings are retained in memory when powered again.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Keeping your automatic feeder clean helps prevent mold, bacteria, and food clumping. The PETLIBRO feeder features a removable stainless steel food container and feeding tray that can be washed by hand or in the dishwasher. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth.

Your Dog Deserves the Best

Pets are family. They depend on you for food, love, and care. Make sure your dog is fed promptly and consistently with the PETLIBRO Automatic Dog Feeder. Customizable portions and schedules cater to your dog’s unique needs, while recording a personalized message provides comfort when you must be away. Both you and your dog will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with reliable, automated feedings.


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