Keep Your Energetic Dog Under Control with the LYMAYDA Bungee Dog Leash



Does your dog pull on the leash, making walks a struggle? Do you need a strong, durable leash that can handle even the most energetic dog? Look no further than the LYMAYDA Bungee Dog Leash – the ultimate leash for training and controlling large and medium breed dogs.

This heavy duty dog leash is made of high-strength nylon with tight, high-density stitching to ensure maximum durability. The bungee design provides shock absorption and reduces the feeling of being pulled, giving your dog more freedom while still keeping them under your control.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable length from 3.7 ft to 5 ft
  • Bungee section provides shock absorption
  • 2 padded handles – traffic handle for control and top handle for walking
  • Strong metal buckle rated for over 1000 lbs
  • 360 degree rotating clasp prevents twisting
  • Seat belt clip for safely securing in the car

Keep Your Dog Close in Busy Areas

The LYMAYDA leash features two padded handles – a traffic handle near the collar for added control and a top handle for regular walking. When you’re navigating crowded sidewalks, bike lanes, and busy areas, you can keep your dog close by holding the traffic handle. This gives you the ability to quickly reel your pup in if needed to avoid problems with other pedestrians or dogs.

Freedom of Movement While Maintaining Control

This leash uses a bungee design that adds some slack and stretch, allowing your energetic pooch more freedom to explore and move while keeping them secure. The bungee absorbs shock and reduces pulling, making walks much more enjoyable. You’ll both get some resistance-free running and walking in!

Built for Large and Powerful Dogs

Don’t worry about your strong puller snapping this leash – it’s designed specifically for medium to large breed dogs up to 110 lbs. The heavy duty nylon can withstand serious strain and the metal buckle has a load capacity over 1000 lbs! It securely attaches to any collar or harness.

Safely Secure Your Dog in the Car

The LYMAYDA leash comes with a seat belt clip so you can securely fasten your dog in the car, preventing them from roaming around while driving. Sudden stops could send your unrestrained dog tumbling, but clipping them to the seat belt keeps them safely buckled up.

Other Key Benefits:

  • 360 degree rotating clasp prevents twisting and tangling
  • High tensile strength and heavy duty construction
  • Padded handles provide comfort while walking
  • Metal eye splice for added strength
  • Reflective threading for visibility at night

Ideal for Training and Exercising Your Dog

This leash is great for obedience training, running, walking, hiking and any activity with your energetic pup. The bungee design gives them some room to move while keeping them under your control. It provides gentle resistance for leash training to stop pulling. Plus the padded handles let you maintain a firm grip even on long walks.

Buy With Confidence

LYMAYDA provides exceptional customer service and stands behind this heavy duty dog leash with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Don’t wrestle with your powerful pooch on walks – get the LYMAYDA Bungee Dog Leash and start enjoying strolls with your energetic buddy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this leash good for puppies?

This leash is designed for medium to large breed adult dogs. The bungee design gives dogs quite a bit of room to run and explore. For puppies we recommend a regular 6 foot leash without too much slack until leash manners are mastered.

What size dogs is it made for?

This leash is best suited for medium and large breed dogs from 40-110 lbs. The leash can withstand over 1000 lbs of pulling force. For small dogs under 20 lbs, the bungee gives too much freedom.

Can I shorten the leash?

Yes, the leash can be adjusted from 3.7 ft to 5 ft long. Start with it shorter while training your dog, then lengthen it over time as they improve on the leash.

Is this leash chew proof?

While this leash is made of durable nylon, no leash is fully chew proof. Supervise your dog at all times and don’t leave them unattended with any leash or collar.

Does it attach to both collar and harness?

Yes, the metal clip at the end of the leash can be attached to any collar or harness, with enough room to securely clip on. Make sure to get the right size leash for your dog’s neck or chest.

Will this work for two dogs?

No, this leash is designed for one dog at a time. For two dogs, you’d need two separate single dog leashes or a split leash designed for two.

Don’t wait – order the LYMAYDA Bungee Dog Leash today and take back control of your powerful pooch on walks! Ideal for medium and large breed dogs who need a sturdy leash that can withstand pulling while providing some freedom.


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