Keep Your Furry Friend Cool, Calm, and Collected All Year Round with the PetAmi Premium Cooling Dog Blanket



Is your pup always trying to find the coolest spot in the house to lounge during the hot summer months? Do they end up overheating when snuggling under blankets in the winter? With the PetAmi Premium Cooling Dog Blanket, your furry friend will stay nice and cool no matter what the weather.

This innovative blanket is specially designed with advanced cooling fabric that optimizes your dog or cat’s body heat to keep them comfortable in any season. The lightweight, fluffy material quickly absorbs and releases your pet’s body heat so they don’t get too hot or too cold.

The silky soft fabric has a superior hand feel that your pet will love curling up on. It’s perfect for small, medium and large breed dogs as well as cats and kittens. Your furry friend will think they’re lounging on a pet cooling mat!

Not only does this blanket keep your pet cool and comfortable, but it also protects your furniture from scratching, chewing, fur and accidents.

Tired of having to constantly clean pet fur off your couch and bedding? Those days are over with the PetAmi cooling blanket. Simply lay it on your couch or bed and it will act as a protective layer between your furniture and your shedding furball.

You’ll no longer have to worry about your pet ruining your expensive couch or bed with scratch marks, stains, or chewing damage. The blanket absorbs moisture and prevents all sorts of pet messes from seeping into your upholstery.

This pet throw blanket is also reversible with soft, plush fabric on each side. One side features a smooth microfiber material while the other has a warm sherpa fleece to keep your dog or cat extra cozy. Your pet can choose which texture they want to lounge on!

The blanket quickly absorbs and releases your pet’s body heat, keeping them calm and comfortable as they sleep. It’s a great alternative to dog cooling shirts, pads and vests when lounging around the house.

In addition to protecting your home, this blanket is also ideal for use in crates, pet beds, and while traveling.

Heading out on a road trip or flying with your furry co-pilot? Bring the PetAmi cooling blanket along to drape over their crate or pet carrier. The breathable fabric will keep your dog or cat from overheating in transit.

You can also use it as a liner for your pet’s bed to keep them cool and comfortable. No more flipping and flopping all night trying to find a cool spot!

Some additional features that make the PetAmi blanket stand out:

Measures 40×60 inches, perfect for small and large pets alike
Lightweight and easy to transport for travel or vet visits
Machine washable for easy care, tumble dry low
Available in fashionable Navy Blue color
Made from premium nylon and polyester that is soft yet durable
Helps prevent pet hair/fur transfer to furniture
Pet parents love having this blanket around for their dogs and cats:

“This cooling blanket is amazing! My labrador retriever loves to sleep on it at night and during the day. He stays nice and cool even when it’s hot out.” – Linda R.

“I have three long haired cats who shed a lot. This blanket has been a lifesaver for keeping fur off my couch and bed. Plus the cats love kneading and sleeping on it!” – Sarah W.

“We travel often in our RV with our golden retriever. Having this blanket makes it so much easier to keep her comfortable in the camper. It also protects the seats from her fur and dirt.” – James P.

“Our elderly cat used to overheat easily at night. Since using this blanket on her bed, her sleep has improved greatly and she stays nice and cool.” – Jessica K.

With over 1,500 5-star reviews, pet parents agree this is a must-have for keeping dogs and cats comfortable! The innovative cooling fabric technology makes this blanket ideal for year-round use.

Give your furry best friend the gift of cool, calm comfort with the PetAmi Premium Cooling Dog Blanket. Order today and see why pets and pet parents love cuddling up with this multi-purpose blanket!


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