Keep Your Pup in Check with This No Pull Dog Collar



Tired of your dog constantly pulling on the leash during walks? Want a comfortable yet effective solution to help train them not to pull? Introducing our innovative no pull dog collar for small, medium, and large breed dogs. This martingale collar provides gentle guidance without restricting your dog’s airway.

Cleverly Designed to Stop Your Dog’s Pulling

What makes our martingale collar different is the hidden no pull design. The link that tightens when your dog pulls is discreetly built into the collar so it looks just like a regular flat collar. No more dealing with chains hanging down or getting tangled. The smooth links and padded rubber caps apply gentle pressure when your dog starts pulling without pinching or choking them. The collar will tighten to prevent slipping off, but not so tight as to hurt your dog.

Safe, Comfortable, and Built to Last

Training your dog should never put them in harm’s way. Our no pull dog collar is constructed from durable stainless steel with softened edges to avoid irritation. The high-quality nylon cover provides cushioning for your dog’s neck and stands up to daily use. Rain or shine, bath time fun or muddy hikes, this martingale collar is made to handle it all.

The adjustable pull tab lets you customize the tightness while the heavy duty D-ring securely attaches your leash. We only use premium stitching and top-grade materials, so you can trust this collar to last for years of walks, training, and adventures with your pup.

Fits Snugly While Allowing Your Dog to Breathe and Drink

Proper fitting is essential for both comfort and effectiveness. This martingale collar is designed to sit high up on your dog’s neck, just behind their ears. When measured, it should be snug but not constricting.

We want your dog to be able to comfortably breathe, bark, eat and drink without restriction. The limited tightness applies gentle pressure to deter pulling, not choke them. With the right fit, your dog will respond to subtle collar cues rather than harsh tugging or choking from regular collars.

Introducing Our Complete Line of No Pull Dog Collars

We offer these outstanding no pull collars in a wide range of sizes and colors to suit any breed. Available sizes include:

  • X-Small: 8″-11″ (for dogs under 10 lbs)
  • Small: 10″-14″ (for dogs 10-25 lbs)
  • Medium: 14″-20″ (best for dogs 15-40 lbs)
  • Large: 18″-26″ (fits dogs 20-80 lbs)
  • X-Large: 24″-32″ (ideal for dogs 60-110 lbs)

Choose from classic black, bold red, cheerful blue, refined brown, and more. Your dog will look stylish while staying comfortable on walks.

For the best fit, carefully measure your dog’s neck just behind their ears. Refer to our sizing chart if between sizes. These collars are designed with room for adjustment to accommodate growth.

Train Your Dog without Harsh Methods

Don’t resort to painful choke chains or prong collars! Our martingale collar provides humane guidance to stop your dog from pulling during leash training. The snug fit and subtle pressure redirects their attention back to you. With time and consistency, your dog will learn not to pull or lunge uncontrollably.

Regular use also helps reinforce good leash manners for the long run. The key is proper fit and timing – gently correct your dog the moment they start pulling then reward good behavior. Our collar tightens just enough to discourage pulling using pressure, not pain or fear.

Walk Your Dog Stress-Free with Our Guarantee

We’re confident your dog will respond well to our innovative no pull collar, but accidents happen during training. That’s why we offer a 60 day money-back guarantee if you’re not fully satisfied. We also provide responsive customer service if you have any questions or concerns about fit, use, or training techniques.

Stop dreading walks with your puller. Regain control of your dog and start enjoying strolls together! Just click “Add to Cart” now to get our no pull martingale collar for your small, medium or large breed dog today!


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