LEIBOU Professional Dog Grooming Kit – Sturdy H-Shaped Aluminum Frame with Adjustable Clamps Keeps Fido Safe and Secure During Bath Time



Is your furry friend in need of some TLC? Make grooming day easy and stress-free with the LEIBOU professional dog grooming kit. This heavy duty aluminum alloy H-frame provides stability and security so you can bathe even energetic pups with total peace of mind.

Built Sturdy and Steady for Wiggly Poochs

The sturdy H-shaped frame is crafted from durable aluminum alloy that’s coated in rust-resistant black powder. Two overhead arms connect to create the top bridge of the H while two vertical supports attach to clamps that grip your table or tub rim up to 2.56 inches thick. Large tension knobs on the frame joints and clamps keep everything locked securely in place.

Set up and takedown are a cinch needing no tools. Simply position the clamps along the tub edge to your desired width between 36.2 and 50 inches. Adjust the height up to 35.4 inches by loosening the knobs and extending the vertical arms. Tighten everything back down and you’re ready to bathe your buddy!

Keeps Pets Safe While You Pamper and Prune

The LEIBOU grooming kit includes three adjustable noose leashes made from robust nylon webbing. Their 19.6 inch length gives pups room to stand comfortably while keeping them restrained. Attach the nooses to the overhead bar and loop gently around your dog’s neck and belly to restrict excessive movement that could lead to accidents.

Your pet stays calm and protected while you lather, rinse and repeat. No more wriggling out of your grasp or shaking soap and water everywhere! The secure leashes keep your dog in position so you can clip, trim and fluff with no hassles. Show your furkid who’s the boss at bath time!

Built Tough and Made to Last

LEIBOU uses only quality materials because we know grooming is a regular necessity for dog owners. Aluminum alloy is lightweight yet extremely durable to withstand daily use. The black powder coated finish prevents rusting and corrosion.

The clamps are constructed from hardened steel and aluminum, not cheap plastic like other brands. They maintain their grip over years of baths and won’t crack under pressure.

The nylon noose leashes are also made extra robust. No more fraying or snapping. The metal clips keep their spring for effortless opening and closing.

Cradles Pets Comfortably While Keeping Them Under Control

The overhead support bridge is designed with a gentle curved radius to cradle your dog’s neck comfortably. The noose leashes are adjustable to your pet’s size to avoid pinching or pulling. Safety comes first!

Dogs feel secure when their movement is restricted. The noose leashes provide a calming physical boundary that helps even squirmy canines relax during bathing. No more struggling or bolting – just chilled out cleaning.

The H-frame has plenty of width adjustment to accommodate breeds of all sizes. Miniature to extra large, the LEIBOU grooming kit has your furry friend covered!

Easy to Set Up, Adjust and Take Down

Stop struggling and start grooming with the easy to use LEIBOU system! Here’s how simple it is:

Clamp the vertical arms onto your tub or table rim up to 2.56 inches thick.
Slide the overhead support into the tops of the vertical arms.
Adjust height and width by loosening the large tension knobs and moving the vertical arms.
Tighten the knobs when the frame is set to your desired position.
Clip the noose leashes onto the overhead bar and loosen or tighten to suit your dog.

When bath time is over, release your pup and reverse the steps to disassemble the frame. The lightweight aluminum stores neatly out of the way.

No tools are needed for assembly – just your hands. Set up and takedown take just minutes. Now grooming is fuss-free no matter how squirmy your furkid may be!

We Stand Behind Our Product with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

LEIBOU wants every pet owner to have an easy, stress-free grooming experience. That’s why we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our dog grooming kit for any reason.

We take pride in the quality of our designs and materials. Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. Simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Stop dreading bath days and struggle sessions! Take back grooming with secure control and peace of mind. Bring home the LEIBOU dog grooming H-frame kit today and make pampering your four legged friend easy and enjoyable for both of you!


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