LEIFIDE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Lights – Safety Lights for Your Pet’s Night Walks



Keep your furry friend safe and seen during nighttime walks with the LEIFIDE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Lights 4-pack. With bright, colorful lights in 4 fun colors, these LED lights easily clip onto your dog’s collar to increase their visibility to drivers and other people.

Whether you’re going for an evening stroll through the neighborhood, camping outdoors, or walking near traffic, these LED lights help keep your dog safe. The 3 lighting modes (steady on, slow blink, quick blink) ensure your pet stays seen in any condition. Fully charged, the LEIFIDE Dog Collar Lights will last up to 8 hours of continuous use – plenty for most night walks!

Key Features:

Four Bright LED Lights in Vibrant Colors

The 4-pack contains 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 green, and 1 red collar light. With this assortment, you can easily attach different colored lights to multiple dogs. Or coordinate the colors with your dog’s collar. The LEDs are exceptionally bright to make sure your dog is noticeable.

Three Handy Lighting Modes

Choose between steady glow, slow blink, and quick blink modes. Steady mode is great for most conditions, while the blinking modes help your dog stand out even more. Quick blink is ideal for high traffic areas.

USB Rechargeable – No Batteries Needed

Completely rechargeable via included USB cables, the LEIFIDE Dog Collar Lights will last up to 8 hours per 30-minute charge. No more buying packs of batteries! The USB design is convenient and environmentally friendly.

Waterproof and Durable

Built to withstand all your outdoor adventures! The waterproof collar lights handle rain, snow, and splashing with no problem. Made from top quality materials, they also stand up to scratches and being dropped while still providing powerful 360° illumination.

Easy On/Off Button

Quickly turn the lights on and off with the simple button switch. No need to remove the entire light when not in use – just tap for on/off. This also conserves battery when your walk is over.

Universal Collar Compatibility

The adjustable silicone strap fastens securely onto any dog collar up to 1.18″ wide. It fits collars for small, medium, large, and extra large dogs. The flexible silicone material also provides a comfortable, no-slip fit around your dog’s neck.

Reflective Trim for Added Safety

For even more visibility, reflective trim is incorporated into the LED dog collar lights. The trim reflects light and glows when illuminated for enhanced 360° visibility.

Compact and Portable

At just 1.77″ long and 0.67″ wide, the LEIFIDE Dog Collar Lights takes up hardly any space. Easy to toss in your coat pocket or bag for anytime use. The USB charging cables fit right inside too.

Safety First

Walking your dog at night comes with potential hazards. Drivers may have difficulty seeing your pet crossing the street or when letting them do their business. Even in your own neighborhood, low visibility creates the risk of someone accidentally running into your pup.

The LEIFIDE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Lights provide an easy, foolproof way to enhance your dog’s visibility in low-light conditions. With bright colored lights in multiple modes, cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians can clearly see your dog from farther away. This gives them extra time to react and prevent potential accidents.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re being a responsible pet owner by making your dog more noticeable. No more worrying about cars not seeing them in time to stop or people running into your pooch on evening walks.

Great for Outdoor Adventures

In addition to neighborhood walks, the LEIFIDE Dog Collar Lights are perfect for camping trips, hiking, hunting excursions, and any other outdoor activities with your furry companion. The bright LEDs illuminate your surroundings and help you keep track of your dog’s location.

When camping at night, clip LED lights onto your dog’s collar before letting them explore the site or go potty in the dark. You’ll be able to quickly find their position. If your dog likes to run ahead on trails, the lights make them easy to spot through brush and trees. They also indicate which direction your dog is headed.

The lights provide reassurance if your dog is off-leash during hunting trips. Should your pup take off after prey, you’ll be able to identify their location. Being waterproof and durable, the collar lights withstand all types of weather and terrain. The long-lasting battery ensures the lights stay glowing even on extended adventures.

Fun Accessory for Daily Walks

Beyond the important safety benefits, the LED dog collar lights add a bit of enjoyment to your regular walks. Kids will love picking their favorite color light to attach to your dog’s collar each day. The different lighting modes give you a chance to experiment with which one your dog prefers.

You can also coordinate the color with their collar, leash, or even your own outfit for a fashionable walking ensemble. Match your pup’s personality by choosing the perfect color and mode for them – blue for laidback, red for fiery, blinking for energetic, etc.

When walking in groups or with multiple dogs, the fun colors help distinguish each pet. Easy to transfer between collars, every dog can have their own signature light. It’s a straightforward way to customize your dog’s look and have extra fun on your daily walks.

Versatile Uses for the Whole Family

Get the most out of your LEIFIDE Dog Collar Lights by using them for more than just your pet! The versatile lights also attach to backpacks, belts, bike frames, wheelchairs, strollers, and more.

Clip a light onto your child’s coat or backpack for better visibility walking home from school. Attach one to your belt loop when walking at night without a dog. Cyclists can mount the lights on their bike frame or helmet for increased safety.

The LED collar lights also provide a decorative touch. Wrap them around a purse strap, lace them onto shoes, or display them in a kid’s room or dorm. Possibilities are endless for creatively using the lights around your home.

With 4 lights in each pack, the whole family can stay safer and have fun with the LEIFIDE Collar Lights!

Order the LEIFIDE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Lights Today!

Don’t risk another walk without being able to see your beloved pup. The LEIFIDE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Lights 4-pack provides bright 360° visibility to keep them safe and seen. Durable, waterproof construction ensures the collar lights withstand all your adventures.

Convenient USB rechargeable design means never having to buy batteries again. All it takes is 30 minutes to juice up the collar lights for up to 8 hours of runtime. Keep your doggo secure while having fun personalizing their walks with colorful lights.

Order the LEIFIDE LED Dog Collar Lights now for your pet’s nighttime safety! We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you aren’t happy, return them for a full refund. No questions asked. Your dog’s security is our top priority.

Light up your dog walks and outdoor excursions with the LEIFIDE Rechargeable LED Dog Collar Lights 4-pack!


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