Let Your Pup Shine Bright with the Maiiu Reflective Dog Collar and Leash Set



Keep your furry friend safe and stylish on nighttime walks with the Maiiu Reflective Dog Collar and Leash Set. This adjustable collar features a quick release buckle and reflective strips for enhanced visibility in low light. The soft, breathable nylon is gentle on your dog’s neck while the sturdy leash gives you complete control. With a cushioned grip, metal D-ring, and smart color options, this set has everything needed for comfortable, secure walks day or night.

Adjustable Fit for Ultimate Comfort
The Maiiu dog collar is designed for optimal comfort with its soft nylon material that won’t irritate your pup’s skin. It has a quick release buckle that allows you to easily put the collar on and take it off without having to strain your dog’s neck by pulling it over their head.

The collar is fully adjustable with a sliding mechanism, making it easy to find the perfect fit for dogs of all sizes from extra small to large breeds. Simply slide the collar to tighten or loosen around your dog’s neck until it’s snug but not too tight. The smooth nylon material won’t snag their fur or cause them discomfort even when worn for extended periods.

Reflective Stripes for Enhanced Visibility

Dog parents know how difficult it can be to keep an eye on your pup when visibility is low on night walks or early morning strolls. That’s why Maiiu designed this collar with reflective threading that picks up light and shines brightly in the dark.

The collar has two reflective stripes running horizontally across it so cars, cyclists and other people can easily see your dog from a distance. This improves their safety while also making it easier for you to keep track of your pet if they run ahead or wander off trail. The reflective strips stand out brilliantly with just a small light source like a bike headlamp or flashlight.

Secure Leash with Padded Handle
In addition to the smart reflective dog collar, this set includes a strong leash made of the same durable nylon material. It has tight stitches for reinforcement so you can maintain control of even very large, powerful dogs without fear of the leash snapping.

The handle is padded for comfort when you need to hold the leash tight to restrain your excited pup. A cushioned grip prevents the rope from digging into your hands or causing discomfort even during long walks. The smooth nylon won’t give you rope burn if the leash slides in your hands either.

A metal D-ring connector at the end of the leash allows you to easily attach it to the collar. This reinforced connection keeps the leash firmly secured to help control your dog’s movement and prevent tangling.

You can also use the D-ring to attach your dog’s name tag or an ID tag with your contact information. Multiple tags can slide onto the ring and stay securely in place while you’re out and about.

Quick Release Buckle for Safety

While traditional plastic buckles on dog collars can crack and break over time, the Maiiu reflective dog collar has a heavy-duty quick release buckle made to last. The buckle is made of sturdy plastic that can withstand daily use without splitting or coming loose.

The quick release function adds an extra level of safety for your dog. If the collar gets caught on something, you can press the buckle to instantly detach the collar from their neck. This prevents potential choking or injury hazards that can come from their collar getting snagged by branches on hikes or hooked on furniture around your home. The buckle is easy to reattach whenever needed, so you don’t have to sacrifice security or adjustability.

Choose from Multiple Color Options
The Maiiu dog collar and leash set comes in a variety of color options to suit your pup’s unique style and personality. Choose from bright, fun shades like pink, blue, green and orange or go for classic black, red or brown leather-style.

The collars are made of colorfast nylon thread so the vivid colors will stay rich andavoid fading even with regular use. Match your dog’s collar and leash to their favorite accessories or your own style sensibilities. With so many colors to choose from, you can pick up multiple sets to switch up their look day-to-day.

Premium Quality from a Trusted Brand
Maiiu is known for making top-of-the-line pet products that are both fashionable and functional. Their dog collars and leashes are crafted to be durable for daily walks, jogs, trips to the dog park and more. Even after repeat use, these collars maintain their shape, color and integrity thanks to quality construction.

The adjustable sizing and bright reflective strips on this set make it a smart choice for pet parents who want to keep their dogs visible and protected during low light hours. Extensive testing ensures the nylon and hardware are made to last through years of regular activity with your pup.

Maiiu stands behind the quality of their reflective dog collar and leash set. In the rare case that you experience any defects or issues with the product, they provide prompt and helpful customer service support to find the best solution.

Give Your Dog Peace of Mind and Security
Your four-legged friend deserves stylish accessories made with their comfort and safety in mind. The Maiiu Reflective Dog Collar and Leash Set provides just that with its padded handle, reflective stripes, heavy-duty buckle and adjustable sizing.

Your pup will relax and enjoy their walks more knowing their collar fits perfectly and won’t cause irritation. And you’ll breathe easier knowing your dog is visible so you can avoid accidents and keep them secure. With so many smart features in one great-looking set, you and your dog will love hitting the road or trail together.


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