LetsWill Dog Shock Collar – A Versatile Dog Training Collar for Your Furry Friend



Are you looking for an effective yet humane way to train your dog? The LetsWill Dog Shock Collar is the perfect solution!

This advanced dog training collar features 4 customizable training modes – beep, vibration, safe shock and light – to reinforce positive behavior and discourage unwanted actions. The different modes each have their own color indicator light, so it’s easy to know which mode you are using.

The beep tone ranges from 0-2 intensity levels while the vibration offers 0-10 adjustable levels. For more stubborn behaviors, there is a safe shock mode with 0-99 intensity levels. Don’t worry, the shock sensation is harmless and causes no pain or discomfort when used appropriately during training. The light mode allows the flashlight on the remote to help you locate your pup at night.

With the ability to customize each mode’s intensity, you can find the ideal stimulation level for your dog’s unique temperament and sensitivity. This makes training easy and effective without ever being harsh.

Train Your Pup up to 3,300 ft Away

The remote training range on the LetsWill dog collar reaches an incredible 3,300 ft! This allows you to reinforce training and correct unwanted behaviors no matter where your adventures take you together.

Have an escape artist who loves bolting out the door? Easy, you can correct them from across the backyard.

Want to practice recall at the beach or keep them from straying too far on a hike? No problem, even with thousands of exciting smells, you’ll still have their attention.

The long 3,300 ft range ensures you can enjoy quality time together anywhere without losing control.

Train Up To 3 Dogs With One Remote

Do you have a multi-dog household? The LetsWill training collar allows you to train up to 3 dogs with just 1 remote transmitter!

Each collar can be set to a different channel so you can control each pup individually. No more chasing after 3 dogs at once or wasting time switching between different remotes.

The LetsWill collar has your pack covered no matter how much they love mischief. With one remote controlling 3 dogs, you can handle even the rowdiest bunch.

Added Safety Features Give You Peace of Mind

Pet parents want to train their dogs effectively but safety should always come first. That’s why the LetsWill collar is designed with extra security features.

The collar has an anti-lost mode to easily locate your dog in dark or low visibility conditions using the remote flashlight. No more losing track of your pup on foggy mornings or evening adventures!

There is also a security keypad lock to avoid accidental activation of stimulation. You choose when to control the collar, giving you peace of mind.

Rechargeable and Long-Lasting Battery Life

Who wants yet another gadget that needs charged every day? Not pet parents!

The LetsWill dog training collar features a built-in Li-ion battery that lasts and lasts. The remote can operate for 45 days of active use while the collar receiver lasts 35 days. In standby mode, they last a whopping 90 days combined!

When it is time to juice up, the included charger fully recharges the collar receiver in 2 hours. Just plug it in any USB outlet. The remote takes 4-6 hours to fully charge up.

The convenient battery notifications let you monitor power levels at a glance on the easy-to-read LCD display. Run time is clearly visible for both collar and remote so you never end up with a dead device mid-training.

Waterproof Design for Any Environment

Wild pets love the water, mud, and everything in between! That’s why the LetsWill dog collar is 100% waterproof with an IPX7 rating.

Your pup can happily swim, splash and play in the rain without the collar malfunctioning or breaking. The waterproof receiver means no worrying about your pet’s safety either.

Rain or shine, the LetsWill collar allows you to train consistently without weather limitations. Muddy paws? No problem! Unexpected sprinkler attack? Bring it on! Water lovers rejoice in this dog collar’s aquatic versatility.

Fits All Size Dogs Comfortably

The LetsWill dog training collar has an adjustable nylon strap to fit snugly on any size breed from tiny Yorkies to huge Mastiffs.

The collar circumference adjusts from 6.7 inches to 26 inches. Extra fastener holes allow you to customize a perfect tight yet comfy fit that won’t rub or cause irritation.

For added comfort, the receiver has smooth curved edges to prevent chafing on your dog’s neck. The collar strap can even be trimmed down for toy breeds who don’t need all the extra length.

This shock collar is ideal for training breeds like Labrador Retrievers, Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Corgis, Huskies, Poodles, Beagles, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds and more! Any size dog can benefit from the safe yet effective stimulation.

Start Training With Confidence!

Forget yelling endlessly at your dog to behave – it’s time to start training effectively! The customizable and humane stimulation modes make correcting unwanted behaviors easy. Extended range allows you to reinforce training anywhere while multiple dog capacity handles busy households.

The LetsWill Dog Shock Collar has everything need to turn your misbehaving pooch into a model pup. Safe, durable and rechargeable, this is a training tool that will make an impact.

Order the LetsWill collar today and see the incredible difference it makes in your dog’s behavior and response to commands. A better behaved furry friend awaits – let the training begin!


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