LIBBEPET Dog Shock Collar – The Perfect Training Partner for Your Pup!



Is your furry friend in need of some behavioral training? Look no further than the LIBBEPET Dog Shock Collar 2 Pack – the safe, effective, and easy-to-use training tool your dog needs.

With 4 different training modes, this collar allows you to correct unwanted behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, aggression, and more using light, beep, vibration, and humane static shock correction. The 0-99 levels of static shock allow you to find the perfect level for your dog – just enough to get their attention but never to hurt them.

The included remote has an outstanding 2600FT range so you can train anywhere – whether that’s indoors, in the backyard, or at the park. It also has 3 different channels so you can train up to 3 dogs at once without needing to reset!

Safety and effectiveness go hand in hand with LIBBEPET. The remote has a key lock to prevent accidental shocks and the collar has soft silicone sleeves that protect your dog’s skin and fur. The easy-to-press buttons and emergency light let you train, even at night.

The fully waterproof collar receiver ensures it keeps working rain or shine. Now your pooch can swim and play without you having to worry about damaging this high-quality e-collar. And with up to 120 days of standby battery life, you’ll rarely need to charge it!

Take control of your dog’s behavior and train them to be their best self with the safe, humane, and effective LIBBEPET Dog Shock Collar today!


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