LIFULANDIAN 5 Pack Dog Collar Bells – Loud Round Silver Bells for Cats and Dogs



Give your furry friend a voice with the LIFULANDIAN 5 pack of dog and cat collar bells. These round silver bells provide a pleasant jingling sound to alert you of your pet’s location and movements. Hang them easily on your pet’s collar or combine several for a louder announcement of their presence.

Loud, Clear Bell Sounds for Dog and Cat Collars

The 0.55 inch LIFULANDIAN pet collar bells produce a crisp, loud sound when your dog or cat is on the move. The vibrant chime allows you to monitor their activity, location, and presence, even if they are in another room. You’ll always know when they are getting into mischief or ready to go outside.

Wide Compatibility for All Pet Types

These collar bells are designed with a 1 inch keyring to securely attach to any size pet collar. The silver nickel-plated bells work for cats, dogs, ferrets, birds, rabbits, and more. The round compact size and light weight won’t hinder your pet’s movement or comfort.

5 Bells Per Pack for Multiple Collars

Each LIFULANDIAN package includes 5 matching silver bells to share across all your pet collars. Put one bell on each of your dog’s collars or attach several to one collar for extra loud jingling. There are enough in each pack for multi-pet households too.

Attractive Accessory and Safety Feature

The brilliant silver color and soft round shape make these collar bells a fashionable accessory for your pet. But they also serve an important safety purpose. The sound allows you to constantly hear your indoor pet’s activity and location. You’ll always know if they are sneaking food, stuck somewhere, or heading for an open door.

Quick and Easy to Attach

Adding these bells to your pet’s collar only takes a moment. Simply slip the 1 inch keyring through a hole in the collar and securely clamp it shut. Position the bell so it hangs freely and can ring with movement. No tools or complicated installation needed.

Nickel-Plated Durability

The LIFULANDIAN collar bells are made from tough nickel-plated metal. This keeps them looking shiny and prevents tarnishing even after lots of use. The sturdy build ensures the bell sound remains crisp and vibrant over time.

Universal Size for All Pets

Whether you have a petite cat or large dog breed, these bells adjust to fit. The round 0.55 inch diameter is sized right to produce a loud sound on pets big or small. And the 1 inch keyring opening stretches to accommodate any collar.

Jingle All the Way

The joyful sound of your pet’s collar bell lets you share in their fun as they explore and play. It also gives you peace of mind that you can constantly hear their activity throughout your home. Bring music to your ears with the LIFULANDIAN multi-pack collar bells.

Reasons to Choose LIFULANDIAN Dog and Cat Collar Bells:

  • Loud 0.55 inch nickel-plated bell for clear sound
  • 5 bells included in each pack
  • Attaches securely to any collar with 1 inch keyring clasp
  • Silver color matches all pet collar colors
  • Round compact size doesn’t weigh down pets
  • Lets you monitor pet location and activity
  • Cute accessory and safety feature in one
  • Universal fit for cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, etc.
  • Durable and long-lasting nickel plated construction
  • Easy and quick to install, no tools required

How to Pick the Right Collar Bell Size for Your Pet

Collar bells come in a range of sizes, but the 0.55 inch diameter of the LIFULANDIAN bells works for most dogs and cats. Measure your pet’s collar width and choose a proportionate bell size. Here are some general guidelines:

  • 0.5-0.75 inch bell for small collar widths like cat collars, puppy collars, and small breed dog collars.
  • 0.75-1 inch bell for medium width collars for medium dog breeds.
  • 1-1.5 inch bell for large breed dog’s wider collars.

Avoid an overly large bell that hangs awkwardly or weighs your pet’s collar down. The happy medium 0.55 inch LIFULANDIAN size produces loud sounds while staying in proportion.

Tips for Using Pet Collar Bells

Collar bells like the LIFULANDIAN set are easy to use, but follow these tips to get the most benefit:

  • Add multiple bells – For a louder jingle, attach 2-4 bells evenly around the collar.
  • Pair with an ID tag – Use a bell along with an ID tag for double the visibility and identification.
  • Check fit regularly – Make sure the bell hangs loosely to ring freely as your pet moves.
  • Use a secure collar – Choose a well-fitted collar that doesn’t slip off along with the bell.
  • Remove briefly if needed – Take the bell off during feeding, sleeping, etc. if it’s disruptive.

With smart use, a collar bell like the LIFULANDIAN set helps monitor your pet while staying comfortable.

Get the Whole Family Jingling

The LIFULANDIAN collar bell 5 packs are perfect for multi-pet homes. Share a pack amongst your dogs and cats so you can tell who’s jumping on the counter or scratching at the door. Let the bells ring to bring harmony to your home!


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