Lightbird 6 PCS Service Dog Embroidered Morale Patches – Must Have Identification & Training Tools for Service Dogs, Handlers & Trainers



Raise awareness and show support for your service dog in training or working service dog with this essential 6 piece patch set from Lightbird. These high quality embroidered hook & loop backed morale patches are a must-have identification and training tool for any service dog team.

The set includes:

Service Dog In Training Patch – Let the public know your service dog is still learning and may behave differently than a full working service dog. This patch helps protect your service dog’s training by informing others to not distract or interact unless invited.

Service Dog Working Patch – When your service dog is ready for full public access, make sure everyone knows they are on duty with the Service Dog Working patch. This important ID helps deter unnecessary interruptions that could impact their ability to perform tasks.

Do Not Pet Patch – One of the most challenging parts of service dog training is teaching them to ignore petting and distractions from strangers. The Do Not Pet patch is an easy visual cue to remind the public not to touch or distract your service dog while they are working or training.

Service Dog Anxiety & Stress Response Patch – Alert others that your service dog may display behaviors like whining, hiding, panting etc. in response to overstimulation and anxiety in public settings. This patch helps protect your dog and explains their behavior is not aggression or poor training.

Do Not Separate Patch – Crucial information when your service dog is training in public or working off leash. Alerts people that the dog must stay close to their handler at all times. Prevents dangerous or frightening situations if someone attempts to walk off with or feed your service dog.

Access Required By Law Patch – Educates the public that service dogs have protected legal access rights to accompany their handlers in public places. Helpful for handlers who frequently get questioned or denied access with their service dog.

Each patch is embroidered with strong, high density threading for crisp logos, text and images that hold up to regular use and washing. The hook backing attaches securely to any fabric with loops like vests, backpacks, jackets and harnesses. Simply press on and pull off for quick on-the-go use.

At around 3 inches wide, these service dog patches are ideal sizes to be easily read but remain discreet. The subtle black and white colorway looks stylish on any color gear or clothing. Perfect for large and giant breed service dogs who need larger patches that stand out.

Identification is a vital part of service dog handling. These patches create an instant visual cue to signal to the public how to properly interact with your service dog in training or working service dog. Help protect your dog and your training efforts while informing the public.

Great for service dogs, handlers and trainers in all fields including:

Guide Dogs
Hearing Dogs
Medical Response Dogs
Mobility/Physical Assistance Dogs
Psychiatric Service Dogs
Seizure Alert/Response Dogs
Autism Support Dogs
Diabetic Alert Dogs

Lightbird 6 Piece Service Dog Patch Set Includes:

1 x Service Dog In Training Patch
1 x Service Dog Working Patch
1 x Do Not Pet Patch
1 x Service Dog Stress & Anxiety Response Patch
1 x Do Not Separate Patch
1 x Access Required By Law Patch

Product Details:

Set of 6 Embroidered Hook & Loop Patches
~3 Inches Wide Each
High Density Embroidery Threading
Crisp Text & Images
Strong Hook Backing
Machine Washable
Custom Designed Artwork

Train your service dog safely and effectively with these high visibility service dog patches. Know your rights and help educate the community!


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