Limited Edition Puppy Bumpers Blue Paw Prints Pet Collar (10-13″)



Give your pup the gift of freedom and safety with our Limited Edition Puppy Bumpers Blue Paw Prints Pet Collar. This patented, stuffed collar allows your pet to explore while keeping him comfortably contained in your yard or on your balcony.

Freedom Within Limits

Puppies are bursting with energetic curiosity. They want to jump, run and explore their environments. However, their safety depends on containment. With the Puppy Bumpers pet collar, your pup can satisfy his curiosity without endangering himself.

The collar is stuffed with polyester fiberfill to gently expand your puppy’s neck size. This extra padding prevents him from squeezing through gaps in fencing or railing bars. However, the collar is still soft and comfortable enough for regular wear.

You no longer have to worry about your pet escaping accidentally. Now he can play freely on your property without constant supervision. The Puppy Bumpers collar gives your pup freedom while keeping him safely contained.

Comfortable and Convenient

This pet collar is designed for comfort. It is made from 100% cotton fabric with a soft polyester fiber fill stuffing. The result is a lightly padded collar that is both cushiony and breathable against your pup’s neck.

The collar fastens securely with ribbon loops on the inside. These attach to your pup’s regular collar to hold the Puppy Bumpers in place. Since the bumpers are removable, your dog can wear his regular collar for walks or trips. Then swap it out for the Puppy Bumpers when playing unsupervised at home.

The bumper collar is also completely machine washable. When it gets dirty, just remove it from your pup’s collar and toss it in the washing machine. Tumble dry low and it will be fresh and fluffy for more backyard adventures.

Safe Exploring for Small Dogs

Let’s face it, tiny dogs can slip through the tiniest spaces. Even well-fenced yards often have gaps that a small, determined pet can squeeze through. Open balconies and patios are also risky for petite pooches. But the Puppy Bumpers collar lets small dogs explore while keeping them safely contained.

The collar sizes range from 10 to 13 inches around the neck. This is ideal for small breed puppies and tiny adult dogs like Chihuahuas and Yorkies. The stuffed collar gently expands their neck circumference so they cannot slip through fence gaps or balcony railings.

Small dogs get to enjoy the same yard time as larger pets without the risk of wandering off. Take your pup outside and let him sniff, dig and play while you relax knowing he is secure.

High Quality Materials

This patented pet collar is made right here in the USA from high quality materials. The outer shell is 100% cotton fabric with a machine washable design. The bumpers are generously stuffed with soft yet resilient polyester fiberfill.

The result is a durable collar that maintains its shape and padding through many machine washes. The vibrant blue paw print pattern also resists fading so your pup’s collar stays looking great.

You can trust the safety and reliability of Puppy Bumpers. Countless pet owners have used them to give small dogs freedom to play while keeping them securely contained.

Order Today and Save!

Our special limited edition Puppy Bumpers are available at a discounted price while supplies last. The vibrant blue and white paw print pattern is exclusive to this manufacturing run. Once they sell out, this color and print will be retired.

Give your precious pup the gift of freedom and security. Order now to get your Limited Edition Puppy Bumpers Blue Paw Prints Collar at this limited-time price!

Customer Reviews

“This collar worked perfectly for our fence-jumping Jack Russell. He can still squeeze under our wood fence, but the collar stops him from getting through. Now he can run freely in the yard without us having to hover over him. It gives us both peace of mind letting him play unsupervised.” – Sarah R.

“I have three small Chihuahuas who all love to lay on my balcony. But I worried about them jumping or falling between the railings. The Puppy Bumpers make the railing gaps too small for them to fit through. Now they can relax on the balcony while I monitor them safely from inside.” – Daniel K.

“Our new Shih Tzu puppy was small enough to wiggle between the iron fence pickets. The Puppy Bumpers collar stopped his escape attempts while letting him play freely. He doesn’t seem to mind wearing it at all and can still slip through if he really tries. But it definitely helped contain him until he grew a bit bigger.” – Emily P.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you attach the bumper collar?

The Puppy Bumpers have ribbon loops sewn into the inside of the neck hole. You thread these loops through your pup’s regular collar so that the bumpers hang securely underneath.

Does my pup have to wear it all the time?

No, the bumpers are only intended for supervised outdoor play time. Remove them for walks, trips, or anytime your pup will be off your property.

What if my pup outgrows his collar size?

Don’t worry, you can order a larger size collar if your puppy grows bigger. Sizes range from 10 inches to 13 inches. Measure your dog’s neck to pick the appropriate size.

Can I put tags or ID on the Puppy Bumper?

We don’t recommend attaching anything to the bumper collar. Tags and accessories can rip the fabric. Use your dog’s regular collar for any identification tags.

Will my dog be uncomfortable wearing this?

The bumpers are designed to be lightweight and breathable. Most dogs adjust to wearing them right away. Monitor your pup at first to ensure the collar doesn’t rub or chafe.


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