Lionet Paws Dapper Dog Bowtie Collar – Fancy Yet Comfortable Silk Collar for Stylish Pups



Is your pup always dressed to the nines? Do you have a fancy fur baby that loves to strut their stuff in style? Look no further than the Lionet Paws Dapper Dog Bowtie Collar for the perfect accessory for your sophisticated canine. This charming collar features a removable and adjustable bowtie made from luxurious silk fabric that adds a pop of personality and polish to your pooch’s ensemble.

Designed for Comfort and Convenience

Don’t let the dapper bowtie fool you – this collar was designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The collar has a wide 1.5 inch width that sits softly around your dog’s neck, avoiding irritation. It’s made from high-quality nylon fabric that’s durable yet lightweight. The metal D-ring leash attachment is sturdy yet small enough to not be cumbersome.

The collar comes in 5 sizes to provide the perfect fit:

  • Size 13.5 in – fits neck 13.5-15.5 inches
  • Size 15.5 in – fits neck 15-18 inches
  • Size 17.5 in – fits neck 16.5-19.5 inches
  • Size 19.5 in – fits neck 18.5-21.5 inches
  • Size 22 in – fits neck 20.5-22 inches

Finding the right size for your dog is easy with the included measurement guide. Simply use a soft measuring tape to measure around the thickest part of your dog’s neck, then refer to the size chart to pick the size that fits best. The collar also has adjustable sliding clips to customize the fit even more.

A Bowtie That Really Pops

The true star of the show is the adorable attached bowtie. Made from luxuriously soft silk fabric, this bowtie adds an irresistible charm to your dog’s look. The vibrant colors like vivid red, royal blue, and deep purple command attention.

The bowtie is securely attached to one side of the collar, but can be quickly removed if you just want a simple collar look. The bowtie attaches with strong Velcro that keeps it firmly in place when attached.

Plus, since the bowtie is removable, you can buy multiple colors to match different outfits or occasions. Mix and match for endless styling possibilities!

Only the Finest Materials

This collar is designed with quality in mind, using only the best materials crafted with care. The nylon collar has durable tensile strength and flexible elasticity. It contains no irritating dyes or chemicals. The metal D-ring leash clasp has a nickel-plated finish for durability and shine.

The show-stopping bowtie is cut from luxurious polyester silk. The fabric is finely woven for a silky texture with beautiful draping. Vibrant dyes let the colors pop while remaining softly lustrous.

The fabrics are specially selected to be gentle on sensitive dog skin. They are breathable and lightweight to prevent irritation. Both collar and bowtie can be hand washed for easy care.

Style Your Dog for Any Occasion

This collar allows you to add a touch of class and personality to your dog’s look in an instant. It’s perfect for everything from holiday celebrations to birthdays to weddings.

Take festive family photos for Christmas cards with your pup sporting a vibrant red bowtie. Help your dog get in on the Halloween fun with an orange or black bowtie to match their costume. Make your pup the star of any birthday party with a bowtie in their favorite color.

Tuxedo not required! This dapper collar lets your dog complement formal wedding attire without the hassle of tricky outfits. Just add one bowtie collar for an instant splash of wedding style.

Everyday is worth celebrating in style when your dog wears one of these eye-catching collars. They’ll be the talk of the dog park!

Give the Gift of Style

Do you have a friend who loves to pamper and primp their pampered pooch? This adjustable bowtie collar makes a wonderful gift for the dog lover in your life. It’s sure to bring a smile to both dog and owner.

The collar comes beautifully packaged in a decorative gift box ready for gifting. Choose their dog’s size, pick a bowtie color, then watch their eyes light up when they open it. There’s no doubt this will become their pup’s new favorite accessory.

For birthdays, holidays, or any day you want to brighten, a Lionet Paws Bowtie Collar is the ultimate gift to add delight and dapper flair.

Let Your Dog Strut in Style

Bring out your dog’s sassy side with the Lionet Paws Dapper Dog Bowtie Collar. This adjustable collar perfectly combines comfort, convenience, and class. The removable silk bowtie provides the ultimate in stylish personalization. Your pup will be ready to strut their stuff looking oh-so-charming in this eye-catching accessory.


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