Lionet Paws – The King of Dog Collars for Your Regal Best Friend



Make your furry friend feel like royalty with the Lionet Paws Boy Dog Collar. This stylish and comfortable collar will have your pooch strutting around like the king he is.

Regal Style for Your Majestic Mutt

The Lionet Paws collar features a regal lion paw print pattern in sophisticated shades of brown, black and white. The colors and motif evoke the powerful, noble spirit of the mighty lion. When your dog wears this collar, he’ll exude the confidence and charisma of a king surveying his domain.

The cotton fabric is thick and durable to withstand daily use. The stylish pattern is printed directly into the fabric so it won’t peel or fade over time. The collar has a classic flat profile that lays smoothly against your dog’s neck.

Superior Comfort for Happy Pups

Dog collars can often be uncomfortable with stiff, abrasive fabric that chafes tender necks. But the Lionet Paws collar is designed for maximum comfort to keep your dog happy all day long.

The high-quality cotton fabric has a soft, smooth texture that is gentle on your dog’s skin. It won’t cause irritation or skin reactions like cheaper collars. The flat collar design prevents bunching and won’t scrape your dog’s neck when he’s playing or napping.

Secure and Customizable Fit

Getting just the right fit for your dog’s collar is crucial. A loose collar can slip off while one that’s too tight can be dangerous.

The Lionet Paws collar fastens securely with a sturdy alloy buckle that’s easy to snap closed. But it also releases quickly when you need to take the collar off. The metal D-ring lets you attach your dog’s leash and ID tags for walks around the neighborhood.

This collar is available in a wide range of sizes to provide the ideal fit for your dog:

X-Small fits necks 9 – 12 inches
Small fits necks 11 – 15 inches
Medium fits necks 13.5 – 22 inches
Large fits necks 16 – 26 inches
X-Large fits necks 23 – 35 inches

Carefully measure your dog’s neck and refer to the size chart to choose the perfect size for full comfort and security.

Dress Your Dog for Any Occasion

The Lionet Paws collar isn’t just for everyday use – it also makes your dog look picture perfect for special occasions:

Family photos – Capture adorable memories with your perfectly accessorized pup
Weddings – Your dog can look dapper as the ring bearer or flower girl
Birthday parties – Let your dog join in the fun with party-ready style
Outdoor adventures – Scale mountains and trails with your wilderness monarch

Wherever you and your dog go, this collar adds a royal touch of personality and flair.

Unique Handcrafted Style

Each Lionet Paws collar has a one-of-a-kind look since the stylish lion paw pattern is randomly cut and assembled. No two collars are exactly the same, so your dog will have a truly unique accessory.

The cotton fabric is also dyed in small batches to produce rich, custom shades. From the fabric dying to the pattern cutting and stitching, these collars are carefully handcrafted for quality you can see and feel.

Happy Pups = Happy Customers

Our top priority is creating quality products that make dogs and their humans happy. We want your pooch to feel comfortable, stylish and ready for any adventure.

That’s why we use only the best materials and construction techniques – and stand behind our collars with excellent customer service. If you ever have any issues with your collar, reach out and we’ll make it right.

We can’t wait to see your dog rocking his Lionet Paws collar and channeling the confident spirit of lion kings everywhere. Order yours today and make your good boy feel like the king he is!


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