Lixit Hide-A-Key Fake Dog Poop – The Perfect Discreet Spare Key Hider for Home and Travel



We’ve all been there – locked out of the house or car without a spare key. It’s an inconvenience at best and an emergency at worst. Keep a spare key hidden outside with the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop. This ingenious product looks just like the real thing but secretly contains a compartment for a key. Now you’ll never be caught without access again!

A Disgustingly Clever Way to Hide a Spare Key

Let’s face it, dog poop is gross. No one wants to pick it up or go near it if they can avoid it. That’s what makes the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop such a clever way to conceal a spare key outside your home or business. At a quick glance, it looks just like the genuine article. The realistic colors and texture will fool anyone into thinking it’s real dog droppings and steer clear. But you’ll know that inside is a lifesaving spare key.

Peace of Mind Knowing You’ve Got a Backup Plan

Accidentally locking yourself out can cause stress, frustration, and missed commitments. With the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop spare key hider, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve got a backup plan. Stash it outside your front door, back entrance, shed, garage, gate, or anywhere else that’s easily accessible. When you need it, the key will be right there waiting for you. No more waiting around for a locksmith or disrupting your neighbor’s day.

The Ideal Spare Key Hider for Home and Travel

This fake dog poop key hider is ideal for keeping a spare key at home or taking on trips. Measuring 3.5 x 1.5 x 5.25 inches, it’s small enough to pack in a suitcase or keep discreetly outside. Take it camping or on vacation rentals and hide a key outside your tent, cabin, or rental unit as a backup. It’s also perfect for keeping outside your front or back door year-round. Rotating the key every so often will prevent it from getting stuck.

High Quality Construction Built to Last

The Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop is made from durable polyresin that can withstand being outside in all weather conditions. Rain, snow, heat, and cold won’t affect it. The convincing paint colors and textures are fade resistant so it maintains its camouflage. A rubber ring keeps the lid tightly sealed to prevent dirt or moisture from getting inside. With proper care, this clever fake dog poop should provide years of reliable spare key storage.

Keep Loved Ones Safe with an Outside Emergency Key

Providing trusted friends or family members with a spare key to your home can give everyone peace of mind. Should an emergency occur while you’re away, they’ll be able to get inside and provide assistance. Place the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop somewhere inconspicuous outside your home. Let your loved ones know where it’s hidden so they can access the key if ever needed.

Deter Would-Be Intruders

Unfortunately, burglars look for easy access points when targeting a home, including checking common spare key hiding spots. But they definitely won’t touch something that looks like dog poop! Placing the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop prominently in your yard is an easy way to deter potential thieves from snooping around doorways or windows. The gross-out factor helps protect your home!

Fun andUnique Gift for Home and Pet Owners

Finding cool and unique gifts can be a challenge. For your friend who loves their pet (and might have some real dog poop to pick up), the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop makes an entertaining present they’ll actually use! It’s also great for housewarmings, birthdays, holidays, or anytime you want to give the homeowner a fun and functional gift.

Simple Hide-A-Key Without Drawing Suspicion

Some hide-a-key fake rocks and other objects can be obvious if placed conspicuously. But the Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop blends right into any yard or garden, looking like any dog dirt left behind. The disgust factor means most people won’t even look twice at it. Keep your spare key secure without attracting prying eyes!

Made in the USA

Lixit is a family-owned pet product company located in Sonoma County, California. All Lixit products are made in the United States, including this inventive fake dog poop spare key hider. When you buy Lixit, you can feel good knowing you’re supporting American businesses and workers.

Why Choose the Lixit Hide-A-Key Fake Dog Poop?

  • Keeps a spare key discreetly hidden outside
  • Realistic dog poop design fools everyone
  • Provides emergency access to home or car
  • Compact and portable for travel
  • Made from durable polyresin
  • Weatherproof construction
  • Deter burglars looking for spare keys
  • Fun and unique gift idea
  • Blends in better than obvious fake rocks
  • Proudly made in the USA

Don’t get stuck dealing with the hassle and cost of lost keys or locksmith charges. Keep a spare key hidden discreetly outside with the unique Lixit Hide-A-Key fake dog poop. Order yours today for convenient, emergency key access!


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