Lixit Retractable Tie Out for Dogs – Give Your Pet More Freedom While Keeping Them Safe



Is your furry friend eager to roam and explore the great outdoors? With the Lixit Retractable Tie Out, you can give your dog more freedom while keeping them secure. This innovative product allows your pet to safely wander within a 20ft radius while the retractable cable automatically rolls back up, keeping them from getting tangled. It’s the perfect solution for giving your dog space to play and exercise!

360 Degree Rotation Allows Pets to Roam Freely

A regular tie out keeps your dog tethered in one spot, but the Lixit Tie Out rotates a full 360 degrees. This allows your pet to freely explore every inch of the 1,256 square feet covered by the 20ft cable. Your dog can curl up in the sun, bound after a toy, or just sniff around – all while staying safely connected to their tie out anchor.

Customizable for Your Dog’s Size

The Lixit Tie Out comes in small, medium, and large sizes to provide the right amount of roaming radius for your dog. The medium is recommended for pets 25-80lbs. Make sure to select the size that fits your dog best so they have room to play without getting tangled up.

Steel Stake Keeps it Securely In Place

This tie out system includes a heavy duty steel stake that you drive into the ground, keeping the whole unit firmly anchored in place. No matter how much your dog pulls, the stake holds strong while allowing the reel to spin smoothly. The stake ensures your pet stays safely connected while roaming.

Retractable Cable Prevents Tangling

Unlike regular tie outs, this system features a retractable cable leash that rolls back up into the reel housing. This keeps your pet’s leash from getting tangled, twisted, or caught on objects. The 20ft braided steel cable extends and retracts smoothly as your dog moves around.

Reflective Strip for Low Light Visibility

A reflective strip on the tie out housing lets you easily see it in low light conditions. No more tripping over your dog’s tie out in the dark! The reflective sticker helps prevent accidents and injuries.

Give Your Dog More Freedom

If your pup seems frustrated being stuck in one spot, give them room to roam safely with the Lixit Retractable Dog Tie Out. The innovative design keeps your pet secure while letting them wander and play. Experience the joy of watching your dog explore, run, and follow their nose while staying securely tethered. Order today and see just how much they’ll love their newfound freedom!


  • 360 degree rotating reel housing
  • 20ft retractable steel cable leash
  • Sizes for dogs 25-80lbs
  • Steel stake for secure ground anchoring
  • Prevents leash from tangling
  • Reflective strip for visibility
  • Gives pets outdoor access
  • Allows dogs to roam safely

Easy Set Up in 3 Steps

  1. Hammer steel stake into ground where desired.
  2. Attach tie out reel housing to stake.
  3. Clip leash onto your dog’s collar.

That’s all it takes to start giving your pet more freedom and space to play! Experience the Lixit difference and order your retractable dog tie out today.


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