LMVVC 26Ft Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash for Large Breeds



Keep Your Big Dog Close With Our Sturdy Retractable Leash!

Walking your extra large or heavy breed dog can be difficult with a standard leash. Either your pooch is dragging you down the street, or they’re constantly pulling against their collar and leash. It’s time to try our LMVVC retractable dog leash designed just for big breeds!

With a maximum 26ft length, your big boy or girl will have plenty of sniffing and exploring space on your walks together. And when you need to rein them in, just lock the leash or hold the brake button to keep your dog close to your side. The durable nylon rope and ABS plastic casing can withstand pulls and tugs from even the strongest large breeds up to 110lbs.

Key Features:

Extends to 26ft – Gives big dogs more freedom to roam and explore on walks

One-handed brake and lock – Easily control how much leash to give your dog

Heavy-duty nylon rope – Won’t snap or fray from big dog pulls

Ergonomic non-slip grip – Comfortable and secure even with constant pulling

Removable poop bag dispenser – Carry rolls of bags conveniently on the leash

Rust-proof metal clasp – Securely attaches to your dog’s collar without corrosion

Freedom For Big Dogs

Do you have an extra large breed like a Mastiff, Great Dane, Bernese Mountain Dog, or other big guy who’s always confined by a 6ft leash? Now they can have more freedom to wander, sniff, and explore without yanking you down the block or choking themselves against their collar.

Our heavy duty retractable dog leash extends a full 26ft, giving your big pup plenty of room to roam comfortably on walks. You control how much leash to let out with the easy one-handed brake and lock system. The casing keeps the strong nylon rope from tangling.

Built For Large & Heavy Dogs

Big dogs can really pull against their leash, especially when excited by squirrels or other dogs. Our leash is specially made to withstand the strength of breeds over 100lbs without snapping.

The leash rope is durable nylon that won’t fray with heavy use. The internal spring system keeps the rope safely retracted and untangled. The outer plastic casing is made from hardened ABS plastic that maintains its structural integrity even after months of daily walks.

We’ve load tested our large dog leash to 110lbs without any issues. Compare that to standard small dog leash limits of just 30lbs. Now you can confidently walk your Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or other big-breed best friend without equipment failures.

Total Control For You

Holding back a giant breed on a walk can feel like an uncontrollable, arm-wrenching nightmare. Our leash puts you back in charge of even the most willful big pooch.

The one-handed brake gives you precise control over how much leash length to give your dog. Keep them close by your side or let them wander ahead. When you need to reign them in, just squeeze the brake button. This locks the nylon rope until you’re ready to release more.

The separate lock button keeps the desired leash length fixed. Great for times when you have to stop and pick up doggie waste. No more getting yanked down the street by your over-eager pet. You set the distance now.

Comfortable & Easy to Use

Forget sore hands and slippery grips after navigating your heavy dog on long walks. Our retractable leash has an ergonomic handle designed to stay securely in your hand without tiring out your fingers, hand, or arm.

The thermoplastic rubber handle provides a non-slip grip, even in wet weather. Your hand won’t easily slide off and lose control of your powerful pet. The leash casing is high-impact ABS plastic for durability while remaining lightweight in your hand.

Retracting the rope and using the brake/lock is simple thanks to the intuitive positioning. Always have complete confidence and ease wrangling in your big pup.

Take Along Supplies

The handy removable poop bag dispenser lets you conveniently carry supplies right on the leash. No more fumbling to find that tiny baggie as your giant buddy is relieved to finally go!

The dispenser contains space for two full rolls of waste bags. Easily pop it off the leash to unload an empty roll and reload a new one. Always have bags ready to go so you can quickly clean up doggie messes during your walk.

Durable Build to Last

Our heavy duty retractable dog leashes are constructed from high-quality materials designed to withstand years of regular use with a large breed dog.

The nylon rope is tightly braided to resist fraying and withstand powerful pulling forces. The internal spring system maintains consistent retraction and extension cycle after cycle.

The metal clasp connecting to your dog’s collar is made from rust-proof zinc alloy to prevent corrosion damage. Your leash will still look brand new after many months of daily use.

We back our durability claims with a 12 month replacement warranty. If you have any issues due to defects in materials or manufacturing, we will quickly replace your leash for free.

Take the Anxiety Out of Big Dog Walks

If you own a super strong, powerful large breed dog, you know the struggle of keeping them under control on a standard leash. Constant choking, pulling, and tangling takes the fun out of going for a stroll.

Our LMVVC retractable dog leash finally levels the playing field. Your big pup can enjoy being a dog again with ample freedom to wander and explore. When you need to, a simple squeeze controls how much leash to give your pet.

The durable nylon rope and ABS casing stands up to the strength and heft of even the largest breeds. Comfortable, ergonomic handling helps turns walks into a pleasure for both you and your dog.

Take hold of the LMVVC retractable leash for a better, calmer stroll with your big fur baby today!


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