Long Dog Training Leash with Safety Reflectors



Experience total control and comfort on walks with the Long Dog Training Leash with Safety Reflectors. This 10ft leash allows your dog freedom to explore nature while keeping them safe with reflective threads and a padded handle.

As dog owners, we want to provide our furry friends with as much freedom as possible on walks to sniff, play, and take in new sights. But allowing too much slack on regular leashes can lead to tangled messes and lack of control. This long leash gives your pup room to wander a bit without sacrificing your ability to reel them back to your side. The 10ft length works perfectly for dogs of all sizes. Make walking fun for your large breed dog that needs more space or give your small pup plenty of room to investigate bushes and trees along your path.

Key Features:
New Shock Absorbing Bungee – The reflective bungee section on this leash acts like a shock absorber to reduce tension and traction on your arm when your dog pulls. This innovative feature makes walks much more comfortable and enjoyable for both of you. No more sore shoulders from constant tugging!
360° Swivel Lockable Hook – The strong zinc alloy swivel hook securely clips onto any collar or harness while preventing tangling. It rotates a full 360° to prevent twisting and give your dog unrestrained movement. Climbers and professionals trust this hook design for its durability and strength.
Reflective Threads for Visibility – This leash contains reflective stitching along both sides that reflects light from headlights, flashlights, and other sources. You’ll be seen from 360° around at night for maximum safety during evening walks. No more worrying about low visibility conditions.
Padded Foam Handle for Comfort – Walk comfortably thanks to the ergonomically shaped padded handle that prevents rope burn. The non-toxic foam padding provides a firm, no-slip grip you can hold for long periods without irritation for ultimate comfort and control.
Ideal for All Dog Activities – Use this leash for sports, adventures, training, backyard play, and neighborhood strolls. The durable nylon rope design works perfectly for hikes, camping trips, hunting excursions, mountaineering, running, beaches, parks, obedience training, and more. Suitable for any setting!
Durable Nylon Rope Design
This leash features heavy duty nylon rope constructed through an innovative machine knitting process for unmatched strength. The tightly woven strands form a long-lasting, ultra-durable rope that won’t fray or tear during years of regular use. Our unique manufacturing process ensures this is the most rugged leash rope available.

The leash comes in multiple diameter options to suit dogs of all sizes:

1/3 inch diameter – For small dogs, cats, or lightweight animals under 15lbs
3/8 inch diameter – Our most popular size for medium dogs 15-50lbs
1/2 inch diameter – For large breeds over 50lbs that need extra control
No matter your dog’s size and energy level, we have an option that provides the ideal blend of durability and flexibility to make walks enjoyable. The leash rope glides smoothly through your hands as your dog explores but maintains rigidity to restrain sudden pulling.

Bring your canine companion hiking through wooded trails, jogging on neighborhood sidewalks, or swimming at the beach without worry. The sturdy rope won’t snap or bend even when soaked. Rain or shine, this leash rope is up for adventure.

Take Control of Walks
Tired of tangled leashes and dogs that pull relentlessly? Our long dog leash gives you ultimate control while keeping your dog comfortable and engaged.

The 10ft length allows your buddy freedom to wander, sniff around, play in water, and interact with other dogs at a distance that works for you both. Give them room to explore their surroundings without compromising your ability to reel them back to your side in an instant.

Forget frustrating retractable leashes that easily break and fail to give large dogs adequate roaming room. This long leash is made for the outdoors and adapts well to wide open spaces. Extend your reach and maintain command of even excitable pups.

Use the leash daily for basic walking or during dedicated training sessions. The durable design aids obedience training by teaching dogs to resist instincts to charge ahead or stray too far. You set the boundaries while allowing independence.

Experience new sights together without the risk of your dog escaping or wandering into unsafe areas. The secure rope and swivel clip keeps them safely connected but mobile.

Reflective Safety Features
See and be seen during low light walks with the reflective accents on this leash that enhance visibility and prevent accidents.

The bungee section contains reflective thread stitching that bounces back light from all angles at night. Matching reflective lines are sewn along both sides of the rope for 360° visibility. Approaching cars will notice you from any direction for ultimate peace of mind.

The hazards of walking dogs when it’s dark out are greatly reduced thanks to these subtle yet effective safety additions. You’ll stand out and avoid potential disasters even along unlit roads and trails.

You can confidently bring your dog on pre-dawn or post-dusk adventures without sacrificing safety. The reflective details provide 24/7 protection without looking overly flashy or alter the leash’s performance.

Ultimate Comfort & Control
Our long dog leash is packed with features to make walks easier including a padded handle and secure swivel clip.

The ergonomic padded handle provides a non-slip grip and prevents rope burn on your hands – even during major pulling incidents. The thick foam maintains comfort over long durations without irritation. Enjoy strolls without bothering with gloves.

A standard leash clip attaches securely but tends to twist, turn, and tangle. Our upgraded swivel clip smoothly rotates 360° to prevent this tangling and knots. The strong zinc alloy design provides durability you can rely on without coming loose.

Walk ahead knowing your dog is safely secured but not restrained. Make quick adjustments and regain control instantaneously even if they’re distracted or try to dart off.

Experience complete confidence and comfort on your daily walks with this smartly designed long dog leash. The innovative features keep your dog close by your side without restricting their curiosity and independence.


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