Long Lasting Rechargeable Batteries for PetSafe Bark Control and Wireless Fence Collars – 10 Pack with 30 Months of Power



Keep your dogs safe and your fences secure with this 10 pack of high performance rechargeable batteries compatible with PetSafe wireless fence and bark collar systems. These batteries deliver an incredible 30 months of power in a single charge – much longer than standard batteries. That means less frequent battery changes and uninterrupted operation of your PetSafe system.

The batteries are designed specifically as a reliable RFA-67 replacement that will work in most PetSafe bark control and containment collars. So you can use them with confidence knowing your equipment will function properly. The batteries fit PetSafe Deluxe, Elite, Stubborn Dog and other models using the RFA-67.

Long Lasting Power for Total Convenience

Tired of constantly replacing weak batteries in your PetSafe system? These rechargeable batteries completely eliminate that hassle.

Just a single charge powers your collar for a whopping 30 months – 2.5 years! Compare that to a standard battery lasting a mere 3-4 months.

That means dramatically fewer battery swaps. No more inconvenient outages because you forgot to replace the battery. And no more worrying about your fence or collar failing because of a dead battery.

The long lasting power ensures your PetSafe equipment operates consistently. Your dogs stay safely contained and protected.

Waterproof Protection for Active Dogs

No need to worry about water exposure damaging these batteries. They come fully sealed to lock out moisture.

The integrated gasket provides a complete waterproof barrier. Take your dog swimming or run through the sprinkler without issue. The batteries will continue working properly.

Their waterproofing makes them ideal for hunting dogs, retrievers and other active, outdoor-loving breeds. No matter what the conditions, you don’t have to stress about the batteries failing.

Easy Installation in Seconds

Changing the batteries is a simple process that takes just seconds.

Use a coin or screwdriver to pop open the battery compartment on the PetSafe collar. Remove the depleted battery and insert the new rechargeable one. Position the battery contacts properly within the compartment.

Then simply twist the battery clockwise until it clicks into place securely. That’s it – your PetSafe collar now has 30 months of lasting power.

No memorizing complex instructions. No special tools needed. Just swap in the new battery and you’re good to go.

Reliable PetSafe System Operation

Rest assured these replacement batteries will work flawlessly with your PetSafe equipment. They’re engineered to the exact PetSafe RFA-67 specifications.

The batteries deliver consistent, steady power over their extra long lifespans. You won’t experience any stability issues, fluctuations or interruptions. Just smooth, reliable performance.

This ensures your PetSafe bark collar keeps delivering the right stimulation when needed. And your PetSafe wireless fence maintains its perimeter protection at all times.

Experience total confidence and convenience knowing your system will function properly with these batteries. Eliminate the usual frustrations of dead batteries.

Rechargeable for Extra Savings

Tired of buying disposable batteries over and over? These rechargeable batteries provide amazing value.

Just a single purchase delivers 30 months of runtime. Compare that to buying new disposable batteries every 3-4 months with standard models.

The rechargeability saves you money in the long run. It also keeps hundreds of batteries out of landfills – better for your wallet and the environment.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind these PetSafe replacement batteries with a satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not completely happy, just contact us for a replacement set or refund. That’s how confident we are in the quality and performance.

Give your PetSafe system an incredible battery upgrade starting today. Click Add to Cart now to get this 10 pack of ultra long life batteries!


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