Loutep Extra Long Dog Training Leash – Perfect for Recall, Obedience & Walking



Keep your pup safe and expand their play area with the Loutep Extra Long Dog Training Leash. This sturdy nylon leash comes in multiple lengths, giving your dog the freedom to explore while keeping them secure.

Give Your Dog More Freedom

Tired of your dog constantly hitting the end of their 6ft leash? With lengths up to 100ft, the Loutep training leash lets your pup wander, run, and play while giving you control.

Whether you’re working on recall training, teaching loose leash walking, or just want to give your energetic dog more room to explore, this long line dog leash has you covered. The ideal training tool for hyper pups who need space to burn off energy.

High Quality & Durable Nylon

Constructed from heavy duty nylon webbing, this leash is made to last. The robust material stands up to regular use without fraying or tearing. With reinforced stitching at stress points, it can handle even the strongest pullers.

Abrasion-resistant and weatherproof, the leash won’t get damaged by the elements. Take it to the park, trails, beach, or anywhere your adventures take you.

Available in multiple widths to suit dogs of all sizes. Choose 1/2 inch for small and medium breeds or 3/4 inch for large and giant breeds.

Padded Handle for Comfort

The ergonomic handle is padded with neoprene for a soft, non-slip grip. It cushions your hold, preventing rope burn or hand fatigue during long training sessions. No more sore palms from reinforcing commands or an exuberant pup.

The swivel bolt snap securely attaches to your dog’s collar or harness while rotating smoothly to avoid tangling. For safety, it’s constructed from heavy duty zinc alloy.

Perfect for Training & Exercise

Recall Training: Teach your pup to come when called, no matter the distraction. Gradually increase the leash length as their recall improves.

Obedience: Correct pulling, jumping, and other leash manners over a wider area. The long lead allows you to reinforce training in real world settings.

Leash Walking: Teach loose leash walking with plenty of room to reward good behavior. Gently correct pulling without constant stopping.

Exercise: Give high energy dogs room to run and play. The long lead lets them explore nature safely when hiking or in open areas. Monitor them while avoiding close proximity to wildlife.

Backyard Fun: Supervise your pup while allowing room to roam and play fetch in your yard. Easily rein them back in when playtime is over.

For All Breeds & Activity Levels

This multi-use leash is suitable for dogs of all sizes and activity levels. Hyper pets and working breeds like Huskies, Shepherds, Collies, and Retrievers will love having space to burn energy.

More relaxed pups like Pugs, Frenchies, and Bulldogs benefit from the gentle guidance while sniffing and exploring. There’s no more getting dragged down the block!

Use it for big guys like Danes, Mastiffs, and Saint Bernards or petite breeds like Chihuahuas and Papillons. There’s a size that fits your furry friend.

No matter your training goals, the Loutep Long Line Dog Leash gives you more control while allowing your pup freedom. Invest in this durable training essential for a well-behaved leash walking companion.


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