LovinPet Dinosaur Print Dog Pajamas – Cute and Comfy Recovery Onesie for Large Dogs



Keep your furry friend comfortable and protected with these adorable dinosaur print dog pajamas from LovinPet. Made from soft, lightweight fabric, these pajamas provide full coverage while still allowing your dog to move freely.

Stylish Protection for Your Pup’s Recovery

These dog onesies are perfect for aiding your dog’s recovery from surgery, injuries, skin conditions, or anxiety. The full coverage design prevents your dog from licking wounds or irritating sensitive skin. The soft fabric applies gentle pressure that can help ease anxiety. This design is much more comfortable and effective than the “cone of shame”.

Cute Dino Print Adds Fun Style

The fun dinosaur print adds some stylish flair to these practical pajamas. The cute motif will bring a smile to your face while keeping your pup cozy. This dino design is perfect for your prehistoric pup!

Breathable Material for Comfort

These pajamas are made from high-quality polyester and spandex. This fabric blend is ultra soft and flexible to allow your dog to move comfortably. The lightweight material ensures your dog stays cool in warmer weather.

Easy On and Off Design

These dog recovery onesies feature wide neck openings and leg holes that make it easy to slip on and off your dog. The loose fit allows your pup to comfortably wear a collar or harness underneath. Stretchy ribbed cuffs keep the pajamas securely in place.

When to Use These Dog Pajamas

These dog clothes are great for:

  • Protecting incisions or wounds from licking after surgery or injury
  • Soothing skin irritations, hot spots, or allergies
  • Preventing fur shedding on furniture or in vehicles
  • Calming anxiety from loud noises, separation, or travel
  • Adding a cute layer for chilly weather

These pajamas are vet recommended for aiding your dog’s healing process. The coverage protects wounds while the soft fabric soothes your pup.

Sizing and Fit

These pajamas are designed to fit large breed dogs. Refer to the size chart to ensure the best fit for your dog. For dogs:

  • 60-90 lbs – Size XL
  • Over 90 lbs – Size XXL

The fabric has stretch to ensure a flexible and comfortable fit. The loose style allows your dog to move freely and easily use the bathroom.

Highest Quality Materials

These dog jammies are constructed from ultra soft 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. This fabric blend is durable, comfortable, and machine washable. Only non-toxic dyes are used for long-lasting color that won’t fade.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

LovinPet stands behind these dog pajamas with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you and your pup to be completely happy with this product. If you have any issues, reach out to our helpful customer service team.

Bring Comfort and Joy to Your Pup

These dinosaur print dog onesies add a dash of style while protecting your furry friend. The soft fabric and loose fit keeps pups relaxed, calm, and comfortable in any situation. Reduce your dog’s anxiety and speed up recovery with these useful and adorable pajamas from LovinPet!


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