LRIGYEH Cat Witch Costume – Wizard Cloak and Hat for Spellbinding Style



Cast a spell of delight this Halloween with the LRIGYEH cat witch costume! Including a cape and wizard hat, this easy costume transforms your kitty into a mystical magician.

Mysterious Wizard Vibes for Your Cat

Cloak your cat in mystery and magic with this witchy getup. The satin black cape attaches around the neck for flowing fabric that swishes dramatically with movement. A matching wizard hat tops off the look, complete with a cute bell at the point.

Premium Quality Materials

Made from soft, lightweight satin and fabrics, this costume is comfortable for cats to wear. The high-quality materials are durable yet gentle on sensitive skin. The fabrics offer stretch and flexibility for free movement.

Adjustable for Ideal Fit

This wizard costume fastens with adjustable velcro closures at the neck and chin for a customized fit. The flexible fabrics conform to your cat’s unique size and shape for optimal comfort. The hat stays securely in place with a chin strap.

Easy On and Off

This costume conveniently slips on and off to dress your cat up in an instant. The loose design doesn’t restrict movement or hinder bathroom use. Your kitty can wear their collar underneath for quick identification.

Spark Imagination and Fun

Your beloved feline familiar will cast a spell of delight and laughter in this magical costume. Kids and adults alike will adore your bewitching black kitty. Capture memories of the charming costume that will make you smile for years.

Personality for Photos and Play

The cape and hat add creativity, humor and personality for photos, dress up play, and leisure time. Watch your cat swish around the house in their new witchy persona. Their unique quirks will shine as they own their role as your mischievous little sorcerer.

Decorate for Halloween

This costume is essential for creating a festive Halloween atmosphere. The witchy vibes are perfect for parties, trick or treating, photo ops, and seasonal snuggles. Display your bewitching cat alongside other decorations for a scene that’s both spooky and cute.

Dress Up Any Time of Year

While designed for Halloween, this wizardly costume can be fun all year round! Use it for playtime, photos, travel adventures, grooming appointments, and more. The whimsical style sparks joy and imagination beyond just October festivities.

Fun for Multiple Pets

This magical costume works for cats, small dog breeds, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other petite pets. Coordinate your menagerie of animals in their own wizard cloaks and hats for twice the enchantment! Mix and match colors for a cast of spellbinding sorcerers.

Easy Costume Solution

Skip the hassle of shopping for or making an elaborate costume. This cute cloak and hat set pulls together an instant wizard outfit for your furball. Slip it on whenever you want to add some whimsy and wonder to your day!

Celebrate Your Feline Familiar

For centuries, witches have embraced cats as their magical companions. Honor this bond by transforming your own spectacular feline into the wizard they were born to be! This costume celebrates your beguiling best friend.

Delight Year-Round

The LRIGYEH cat witch costume cloak and hat add a dash of mystery and charm to your kitty for Halloween or anytime. Watch your cat capture their inner sorcerer and bring smile after smile as they swish through the house casting spells.


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