LuckinPET Waterproof Dog Collar Replacement Strap for Shock Collar – Durable, Odorless & Easy to Clean



Is your dog’s shock or training collar looking a bit worse for wear? Do the straps smell bad or fray easily? It may be time for an upgrade to a high-quality collar replacement strap! Introducing the LuckinPET Waterproof Dog Collar Replacement Strap, designed to be the perfect fit and match for most major dog collar brands.

This innovative collar strap is made of durable and flexible TPU material that is completely waterproof and odorless. TPU is the ideal upgrade from standard PVC or nylon collars. It retains flexibility even in cold weather without becoming brittle. The supple TPU material is also gentler on your dog’s fur and skin than stiffer plastics or nylons.

With its weatherproof and easy to clean surface, the LuckinPET collar strap will look good as new after just a simple wipe down. No more wrestling with stinky, stained collars! The sleek TPU material prevents odor and resists dirt buildup.

Universal Fit for Most Major Shock Collar Brands

This replacement collar strap is designed for universal compatibility with 3/4 inch shock and training collars from top brands like:

With a 28 inch length and 35 size adjustment holes, the LuckinPET collar can be customized to fit any dog from tiny pups to large breeds. No more hunting around for a specialty collar size for your pooch!

The heavy-duty metal buckle and D-ring give a secure closure and attachment point to keep your dog safely leashed. Slip this strap onto your existing shock or training collar module for an easy upgrade.

Reflective Stripe for Safety

Dog owners know that early morning and evening walks are a favorite for our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, low light conditions also make it hard for drivers to see a pup by the roadside.

That’s why the LuckinPET collar comes equipped with a highly visible reflective cloth stripe. The bright accent reflects light and helps keep your companion visible while out and about. No batteries or power source required!

Give your dog an added layer of safety with this reflective detail. Walks in any light are more secure.

Better Material and Comfort for Your Best Friend

Your dog deserves a comfortable, durable, easy care collar designed to last. With its weatherproof TPU material, the LuckinPET replacement strap outperforms standard PVC and nylon collars.

TPU collars like this are:

  • Waterproof and odorless
  • Extremely flexible, even in cold weather
  • Resistant to oils, abrasion and wear
  • Smoother and more comfortable on dog fur and skin
  • Easy to wipe clean of dirt, debris and stains

This innovative collar replacement strap brings together all the features that make life better for dogs and owners alike. No more wrestling with dirty, stiff and smelly collars!

The LuckinPET collar strap material is also 100% non-toxic and environmentally friendly. You can feel good choosing this eco-smart upgrade for your dog.

Long-Lasting Quality Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our collar straps. With proper care, this adjustable TPU replacement strap will retain its odor-free, waterproof properties for the long haul.

We’re so confident your dog will love this collar that we offer a money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, return it for a full refund or free replacement.

Give your pup the comfort and quality he deserves. Ditch the old fraying collars and upgrade to this innovative waterproof and easy clean replacement strap from LuckinPET today!


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