Lukovee Dog Double Harness Leash No Tangle Seatbelt for 2 Pets



Lukovee’s innovative dual dog leash and harness keeps your two furry friends safe and secure in the car and on walks. With our tangle-free design, your dogs can sit, stand and lay down comfortably without getting tangled up.

Designed for Safety and Comfort

This adjustable dual dog leash seatbelt is designed to keep your two dogs safe in the car while allowing them freedom of movement. The elastic bungee design absorbs sudden jerking motions and the reflective stitching increases nighttime visibility for safety.

Tangle-Free for Two

The unique 360 degree swivel clasp piece prevents tangling so two dogs can comfortably move around in the backseat. Whether sitting, standing or lying down, your dogs can see out the window without restraint.

Easy Installation and Adjustability

This dual purpose leash seatbelt installs easily by looping around the vehicle’s headrests. Fully adjustable straps and bungee cords extend up to 32 inches to fit most vehicles. The adjustable circle clasps also expand up to 24 inches wide.

Lockable for Security

This leash seatbelt set stays securely in place thanks to the lockable quick release buckle which keeps it firmly attached to your vehicle’s headrests. The metal clasps ensure a sturdy hold so your dogs stay safe.

Double Duty for Walks Too

With two adjustable leashes combined in one, this innovative harness transitions from car restraint to double dog walking leash quickly and easily. Take your pair of pets on strolls with hands-free, tangle-free control.

Keep your dogs safe while giving them freedom of movement with Lukovee’s adjustable and reflective dual dog leash and seatbelt. Designed to prevent tangling, it installs easily and secures your pets for car rides and walks. Order today for the ultimate leash for two!


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