Lukovee Double Dog Leash – The Ultimate Leash for Walking Two Dogs



Walking two dogs at once can be a challenge, but the Lukovee Double Dog Leash makes it easy and stress-free! This ingenious leash allows you to walk two dogs simultaneously without the leashes getting tangled.

Comfortable Padded Handles Give You Better Control

The Lukovee double dog leash has padded foam handles on each leash for extra comfort. The padded handles protect your hands from rope burn and give you a secure, slip-free grip. This allows you to maintain full control over both dogs, even when they’re pulling in opposite directions. The leash is designed ergonomically to reduce hand and wrist fatigue.

Shock-Absorbing Bungee Design

This leash features a shock-absorbing bungee design that makes walks more comfortable for your dogs. The bungee section on each leash extends from 20-35 inches to give your dogs some freedom to move and explore, while still keeping them secure. The bungee absorbs the force when your dogs suddenly pull, preventing injuries and jerking motions that can cause leash aggression.

Supports Dogs Up To 150 lbs

The Lukovee double dog leash is available in two sizes – medium and large. The medium size supports dogs up to 110 lbs each, while the large size can handle dogs up to 150 lbs each. So this leash can accommodate most breeds, from small pups to large dogs. The main rope is 35 inches long to allow flexibility.

360° Swivel Clasp Prevents Tangling

This leash’s revolutionary 360° swivel clasps are a game-changer. As your dogs circle around each other or cross paths, the clasps effortlessly spin to prevent tangling. This allows your dogs to walk comfortably side-by-side without getting tangled up or frustrated. The swivel clasps make walks seamless and hassle-free.

High Visibility Reflective Strips

The Lukovee double dog leash has reflective strips on both leashes so you and your dogs can be seen clearly at night. The reflective strips provide an extra level of safety when walking your dogs after dark. No more worrying about vehicles not seeing your pups on evening or early morning walks.

Free Poop Bag Dispenser

This leash comes with an handy free poop bag dispenser and metal ring to attach filled bags during your walk. The convenient dispenser ensures you never get caught without a bag to clean up after your dogs. No more messy carry-outs!

Durable and Heavy Duty

The Lukovee double dog leash is made from high-quality durable nylon that can withstand daily use and abuse from two dogs. It has heavy-duty swivel snap hooks that securely attach to your dogs’ collars without breaking or releasing accidentally. The rope can stand up to pulling, chewing, and roughhousing from rambunctious pups.

Perfect for Training Two Dogs at Once

Training two young dogs at the same time is difficult, but the Lukovee leash makes it much easier. You can correct both dogs’ behavior simultaneously with the two padded handles, and the swivel clasps prevent the dogs from getting tangled as you train. It allows you to reinforce commands, redirect attention, and control both dogs in any training scenario.

One Leash for Two Dogs Makes Walks Easier

Having to hold two leashes while walking a pair of dogs can be extremely inconvenient and tiresome. With the Lukovee double dog leash, you only need to hold one leash for both dogs, keeping your other hand free. It makes controlling and coordinating two dogs much simpler.

Great for Dogs Who Love Each Other’s Company

If you have two dogs who enjoy each other’s company, this leash allows them to walk together without getting tangled. Your dogs can socialize and play while still remaining under your control. The bungee design absorbs motion so they can run around each other freely without pulling on you.

Walk Both Dogs Even if They Have Different Energy Levels

Dogs who are vastly different sizes or have different energy levels can be walked together thanks to the Lukovee leash’s dual bungee design. The shock-absorbing bungees and padded handles allow you to control each dog independently, so the calmer dog isn’t dragged by the hyper dog.


The Lukovee Double Dog Leash makes walking two dogs at once easy and enjoyable. Key features like the swivel clasps, padded handles, bungee design, and reflective strips make this leash convenient, comfortable, safe and secure for you and your dogs. It prevents tangling so you and your pups have happy, hassle-free walks. This durable and heavy-duty leash allows you to control both dogs while keeping your hands free.

If you need to coordinate, train, or walk a pair of dogs, the Lukovee Double Dog Leash is the perfect solution. Both you and your dogs will love the freedom of movement and control it provides. Order this game-changing double dog leash today!


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