LunaMarie Paw Balm – Natural Organic Formula for Dry, Cracked Paws



Soothe and restore your pet’s paws with LunaMarie Paw Balm! This natural formula hydrates cracked, irritated paws with nourishing oils and butters.

Repairs Dry, Cracked Pads

This rich balm saturates dry paws with intense moisture. Natural emollients smooth over cracked pads to promote healing. Prevent further damage and discomfort with regular application.

Organic, Nutrient-Dense Ingredients

Packed with organic ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, sunflower oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E, this balm nourishes skin while repairing damage. It provides the benefits your pet’s paws need.

Reduces Redness and Inflammation

Soothe inflamed, itchy paws with the cooling properties of coconut oil and aloe vera. Your dog or cat will feel relief from irritated skin and rashes.

Shields Against Harsh Elements

This moisturizing balm forms a protective barrier to keep paws safeguarded year-round. Hot pavement, icy sidewalks, and rough terrain are no match for this nourishing paw protector.

Softens Rough, Callused Paws

The intensive hydration softens and smoothes rough, callused pads over time. With regular use, your pet’s paws transform from coarse to plush and supple.

Prevents Licking and Chewing

Soothe away your pet’s urge to incessantly lick or chew their paws. This calming balm alleviates discomfort to discourage the habit.

Lick-Safe Formula

While discouraging licking, this balm is completely safe if ingested. Made from 100% food-grade ingredients, you can have peace of mind if your pet licks their paws.

Light Lavender Fragrance

A hint of lavender essential oil provides a subtle calming aroma while nourishing skin. The relaxing scent makes application time a soothing ritual.

Easy At-Home Treatment

Skip the trip to the vet or groomer. Repair your pet’s paws any time with this convenient leave-in balm. Just massage into clean, dry paws as needed.

Patented Non-Greasy Formula

Our exclusive formula absorbs quickly without being sticky or oily. It moisturizes paws thoroughly without the mess or residue of thicker balms.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind our paw balm 100%. If you’re not fully satisfied, contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Restore Soft, Supple Paws

Pamper your pet with the therapeutic benefits of natural oils and butters. LunaMarie Paw Balm heals cracked, dry paws to reveal touchably soft, soothed skin.


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