Lurrose Dog Bone Hair Clips – Cute White Plastic Alligator Barrettes



Add some puppy personality to your hairstyle with these adorable Lurrose dog bone hair clips! The cute bone design gives a playful accent to any look.

Unique Dog Bone Shape

Who says bones are just for dogs? These creative hair clips are sculpted into a smooth bone shape for an instantly eye-catching detail. The clean white color complements all hair colors.

Durable Plastic Construction

Crafted from sturdy plastic, these hair clips are built to last through daily wear. Their smooth, lightweight design lays comfortably in your hair without catch or pull.

Eye-Catching Alligator Clip

An alligator-style clip keeps these hair accessories firmly in place once positioned. The strong grip holds even thick, heavy hair securely without slipping.

Versatile Styling Accent

Use these clips alone or in multiples to create charming style accents. Pin back quirky wispy bangs, accent a half updo, or pull back sections for a playful scattered look.

Holds Hair Back Tidy and Secure

The jaw-like grip on these clips makes them perfect functional hair tools for pulling back unruly strands and flyaways. Contain fuzz for a polished look.

Cute Addition to Costumes and Cosplay

Incorporate these unique dog bone clips into costume looks! Use them for a puppy or poodle skirt outfit. They also work for gothic skeleton styles.

Designed for Daily Wear

While playful enough for costumes, these barrettes also integrate into everyday hairstyles. Add a subtle charming accent to your bun, ponytail, braids or loose hair.

Smooth Comfortable Feel

The rounded edges and smooth finish prevent any discomfort on your scalp. Plastic is gentle on hair and skin for all-day wear.

Long Lasting Vibrant White Color

The durable plastic retains its bright white color and glossy sheen over time. No chipping, flaking or fading – these bones stay beautiful clip after clip.

Complete Satisfaction Guarantee

Lurrose provides a 100% satisfaction promise with these hair clips. Let us know if you have any issues for a replacement set or refund.

Fun White Dog Bone Barrettes

Amp up your hairstyle with a playful accent using the Lurrose dog bone hair clips. The cute shape and durable grip hold your locks in place with personality.


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