LUTER 15 Colors Puppy ID Collars – The Perfect Way to Identify Your New Puppies!



Bringing a new litter of puppies into the world is an exciting time, but it can also be chaotic trying to tell them all apart! LUTER’s 15 color puppy ID collars are the perfect solution to easily identify each pup at a glance. With 15 bright colors to choose from, you can color code your puppies so you’ll never mix them up again.

15 Vibrant Colors Make Puppy Identification a Breeze

The LUTER puppy collar set comes with 15 different vibrant colors – red, light green, green, light blue, yellow, white, orange, brown, gray, dark green, pink, purple, dark blue, black and fuchsia. With so many color options, assigning each pup their own unique collar is easy. You’ll be able to tell all your puppies apart with just a quick look.

The bright colors also make it easy to spot your pups when they wander. If you have a large litter, these collars are a lifesaver for keeping track of energetic puppies during playtime. The colors stand out nicely against fur.

Adjustable Design Grows With Your Pup

These puppy ID collars feature an adjustable hook and loop closure that lets you customize the fit as your puppy grows. The collar length is 20cm (7.9 inches) long with a 1cm (0.4 inch) width, providing a comfortable fit for most puppy neck sizes.

Simply trim the collar to size it for your pup’s neck, and as they grow bigger just move the hook and loop closure to loosen. This adjustable design saves you from having to frequently buy new collars. It also prevents issues with collars being too tight or loose.

Soft, Comfortable & Lightweight

Puppies won’t mind wearing these collars thanks to the soft, gentle materials. The nylon and polyester fabric is lightweight so pups can move around freely without restriction.

The velvet sides provide extra comfort against delicate puppy fur and skin. Pups will forget they’re even wearing an ID collar! The flexible materials also ensure safety, reducing risks of collar getting caught on objects as energetic puppies play and explore.

Ideal for Identifying Puppies in a Litter

If you’re a breeder or have a large litter of puppies, keeping track of each one is crucial but can be challenging. LUTER’s puppy ID collars are the ideal solution to tell your pups apart with a quick glance.

Simply assign each puppy their own collar color after birth so you can identify them while nursing. The bright colors make it easy to monitor each pup, especially important for ensuring they are all getting fed. No more guessing which puppy is which!

The collars are also extremely useful for observational record keeping so you can track each pup’s development. And when it comes time to deliver the puppies to their new homes, the color coded collars help keep things organized so the right puppy goes to the right family.

Tips for Using Puppy ID Collars

Here are some helpful tips on using LUTER’s puppy identification collars:

  • Make sure collars are snug but not too tight. You should be able to fit 2 fingers between the collar and puppy’s neck.
  • Check collar size daily as puppies grow rapidly. Adjust or trim as needed.
  • Double check collar before sleep time to prevent issues if puppies play and loosen each other’s collars.
  • Assign collar colors based on sex if you wish to ID genders at a glance.
  • Use a permanent marker to write puppy names/numbers on the inside of the collar so they don’t wear off.
  • Cut the collar off puppies before 8 weeks of age for safety.
  • Replace any chewed collars immediately so all puppies remain identified.

High Quality Puppy Collars for Affordable Price

LUTER’s 15 color puppy ID collar set provides an affordable solution for simplifying puppy identification. Comparable collar sets can cost up to 3 times more.

The collars may be budget-friendly but their quality and performance certainly aren’t lacking. The durable design holds up well to puppy play and won’t fray or rip easily. You get premium comfort and convenience without the premium price tag!

Order a Set Today for An Easier Puppy Raising Experience!

Stop struggling to tell those look-alike puppies apart and order your LUTER puppy ID collars today! Having color coded collars on each pup will make your life so much easier. No more accidentally mixing up puppies or guessing who’s who. Just quick visual identification so you can get back to enjoying the puppy fun!


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