LUTER 20Pcs Puppy ID Collars – Bright Multi-Color Pet Newborn Puppy Kitten Whelping Collars with Adjustable Neck Size for Easy Identification and Tracking



Raising a litter of puppies or kittens is an exciting experience, but it can also be quite chaotic trying to tell those tiny furballs apart! That’s where these handy dandy LUTER Puppy ID Collars come into play. With 20 collars in a rainbow of fun colors, you’ll be able to easily identify each pup or kitten in your litter.

These lightweight collars are made of soft, comfortable nylon and polyester with a velvet lining that feels gentle against delicate puppy fur. The bright colors make it a cinch to track each pup – just assign each puppy their own signature collar color. Want to know where little Rover or Snowball is amongst the pile of squirming fur? Just look for their unique collar color!

The length of the collar is adjustable via the hook and loop closure, making it easy to find just the right snug fit for every growing puppy. As your pups grow, you can simply let out the collar for a perfect fit. The hook and loop closure also makes it easy to take the collar on and off for regular washing or replacement.

With 20 collars in a wide range of colors including red, grey, yellow, green, blue, white, orange, brown, pink, purple and black, you’ll have plenty of options for assigning each pup their own special collar. No more accidentally switching collars between similar looking pups!

These collars are designed with your puppies’ comfort and safety in mind. The soft nylon and polyester material has a velvet lining so it’s gentle against delicate puppy skin. The lightweight fabric also ensures the collar doesn’t feel bulky or cumbersome to your pup.

As a breeder, having a litter of lookalike puppies makes keeping track of each one a challenge. Veterinarian visits, deworming, vaccinations, and monitoring weight gain all require knowing which pup is which. With LUTER Puppy ID Collars, you’ll be able to identify each pup in a flash, avoiding stressful mixups.

The colors are also super handy for prospective owners visiting your litter. They’ll be able to instantly associate each puppy with their unique collar color when making their selection. This helps prevent the disappointment of someone picking the wrong pup by accident!

The collars are designed specifically for growing puppies and kittens. The adjustable sizing accommodates everything from newborns to young juveniles. Simply adjust the collar as needed to maintain the perfect snug fit.

For new pet parents welcoming one of your pups into their home, the collar also provides a handy visual cue to help them start associating their new puppy with their name during the important bonding and training process.

The LUTER Puppy ID Collars make it easy to keep meticulous records on each pup’s development. You can ensure the right pup gets the proper care, vaccines, and supplements at the right times for healthy growth. No more guessing if you already treated “Spot” or “Rex” for worms!

Raising happy, healthy, well-socialized puppies takes a lot of time, patience, and organization. With LUTER Puppy ID Collars reducing the chaos, you can focus on bonding with your litter, introducing them to new experiences, and preparing them for their forever homes.

As your litter enters the chewing, teething and increased activity stage, don’t be surprised if your collars occasionally get damaged. No worries! With 20 in a pack, you’ll have spares on hand for easy replacement. Simply trim off any damaged pieces and replace with a fresh collar as needed.

For convenience, comfort, and effective puppy identification, choose LUTER Puppy ID Collars. Their bright colors and adjustable design make telling your litter apart a breeze. Order a pack now and say goodbye to accidentally mixing up your adorable fur babies!


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