Martingale Collar for Training Dogs – Adjustable and No Slip

An American-Made Training Tool to Stop Pulling and Keep Your Dog Safe



Walks with your dog should be enjoyable, not a constant battle. If your pup pulls on the leash, a regular collar can strain their neck and allow them to slip out. Our adjustable martingale collar is the humane solution for leash training strong or escape-artist dogs.

Customizable Fit Prevents Escaping and Choking

Martingale collars tighten when pulled but never constrict the airway. The limited closure keeps your dog secure without causing harm. Our design has a buckle closure and sliding adjustment loop to customize the fit for your dog’s neck size. Fits neck circumferences 14 to 24 inches.

Reflective USA Flag Stitching for Visibility

Walking your dog at night? The bold, reflective American flag stitching helps drivers see you both for added safety. The nylon collar has soft edges for comfort but sturdy construction to withstand leash pressure.

Easy On and Off for Daily Use

Forget complicated clasps and knots. The side release buckle makes this collar easy to put on and remove without fuss. Use it every day for no-pull training or special occasions like Fourth of July. Looks great with your dog’s ID tag.

Stop Pulling and Start Enjoying Walks

Do you dread going on walks because your dog constantly pulls on the leash? This frustrates both pet and owner. Our martingale training collar will help your dog learn not to pull using gentle guidance:

– Even pressure distribution avoids choking

Unlike regular flat collars that constrict the airway, our martingale collar tightens evenly around the neck when your dog pulls. This even pressure cues them to stop pulling.

– Sliding adjustment prevents slipping out

Clever escape artists can back out of regular collars. The adjustable loop on our martingale collar tightens just enough to prevent backing out and running off but without choking.

– Soft edges increase comfort

Some training collars have harsh edges that irritate the neck. Our design has softly finished edges that won’t chafe your dog’s neck, so it’s comfortable for daily wear.

– Reflective flag trim for safety

Reduce the risk of accidents during evening or nighttime walks. The bold reflective flag makes your dog visible to drivers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this collar hurt my dog?

Our martingale collar applies gentle, limited tension to deter pulling but will not constrict or choke your dog. It’s designed to be a humane training tool.

How does it stop pulling?

Martingale collars tighten slightly when the leash is pulled to cue your dog not to pull. It does not choke them but applies even pressure as a reminder.

Is it for all dog sizes?

This adjustable collar fits neck circumferences 14 to 24 inches, so it suits medium, large, and extra large breed dogs. Make sure to measure your dog’s neck to get the right fit.

Can my dog still slip out of it?

The adjustable loop design prevents backing out of the collar, unlike standard collars. But it’s still important to get the proper tightness based on your dog’s neck size.

Do I need a training collar?

If your dog has issues with pulling, slipping their collar, or not listening on walks, a training collar like this martingale can help correct these problems. But they require proper use.

Will my dog try to remove it?

Some dogs dislike collars at first. Closely monitor your dog at the start and remove the collar if they try rubbing it off. Proper conditioning can help them accept wearing it.

How long should my dog wear it?

Use the martingale collar consistently during walks and training sessions. Removing it in between teaches your dog not to pull only when it’s on. Keep it on during walks until leash manners improve.

Train a Better Walker with Our Martingale Collar

Our adjustable martingale collar discourages pulling using limited tension, not choking. The clever loop design prevents escape artists from slipping out, while the reflective flag trim provides safety. Get control of leash walks and train your dog without frustration.

Order today to stop pulls and enjoy strolls with your happy dog. Proudly made in the USA.


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An American-Made Training Tool to Stop Pulling and Keep Your Dog Safe”

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