Masue Pets Dog Hair Bows – 50 Pairs of Mixed Styles and Colors for Dog Grooming



Give your pup a new look every day with this set of 50 vibrant pairs of Masue Pet dog hair bows. With a variety of styles and colors to mix and match, you can customize your dog’s look for any occasion. These bows are made from durable yet comfortable materials and feature secure rubber bands to keep them in place. Liven up your dog’s style with this assorted set of handmade bows!

50 Pairs in Varied Styles and Colors

This convenient set includes 50 pairs of bows in an amazing mix of styles, colors, and designs. Choose from classic rhinestone bows, delicate pearl accents, pretty floral patterns, and more. Colors include red, rose pink, pink, yellow, green, purple, blue, and more. With so many options, you can accessorize your pup’s look daily or for special events.

Handmade Unique Designs

These fashionable bows are carefully handmade by Masue Pet artisans who expertly craft each one. Every bow features a one-of-a-kind look thanks to unique color and design combinations. The bows range from 1.38-1.58 inches wide to fit most breeds. Give your dog daily flair with these expertly handcrafted bows.

Durable Rubber Bands for Security

Each bow features a rubber band on the back to keep it securely in your dog’s fur. The stretchy rubber gently grips the hair without tugging or irritation. Whether your dog is playing, napping, or romping, you don’t have to worry about the bows sliding out of place or falling off. The bow stays where you put it.

High-Quality Materials

These handmade bows feature ribbons, rhinestones, pearls, and other accents made from pet-safe, high-quality materials. The durable ribbons withstand daily wear and tear while still feeling soft and gentle. Rhinestones won’t fall off and pearls stay attached. You can trust these bows to hold up to whatever adventures your dog has in store.

Mix and Match for Unique Looks

With 50 pairs of bows in different colors and designs all in one set, the mixing and matching options are endless! You can accessorize with coordinating pairs or get creative with contrasting combos. Change up your dog’s look daily or find the perfect bows for holidays and special events. With so many bows, every day can be a new fashion experience.

Great for Any Breed or Occasion

These bows work beautifully for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Mini bows are sized right for teacup Chihuahuas while larger bows suit bigger breeds like Labs and Golden Retrievers. Dress your pup up for birthdays, holidays, photoshoots, or just because. With this variety, you’ll always find the perfect bow!

Designed for Comfort and Safety

In addition to being stylish, these Masue Pet bows are designed with your dog’s comfort and safety in mind. The materials are pet-friendly and free of harsh dyes or chemicals. The rubber bands provide a gentle grip without pinching the fur. Let your dog strut their stuff without irritation.

Premium Quality Bows

You can see and feel the quality craftsmanship that goes into these handmade bows. From the vivid colors to the securely fastened accents, each bow is made to last through daily wear. Masue Pet uses only premium materials so you get a durable, high-end accessory.

New Styles Added Monthly

Masue Pet is always designing new bows to keep your dog’s look fresh. Check back every month for new colors, fabrics, accents, and seasonal styles. With regular new arrivals, you can stock up on unique bows that help your pup stand out from the pack.

Give your precious pooch an instant style upgrade with these fashionable Masue Pet bows. With 50 vibrant pairs in unique color combinations and designs, you can mix and match for endless looks. These handmade bows are crafted from quality materials and stay securely in place so your dog can strut in comfort. Unleash your dog’s inner fashionista with these colorful bows!


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