Max and Neo Reflective 6 Foot Dog Rope Leash – Donate a Leash to Rescue for Every Leash Sold



Make a Difference with Every Purchase

When you buy a Max and Neo rope leash, you’re not just getting an incredibly durable, high-quality leash for your pup. You’re also helping donate an identical leash to a dog rescue organization in need. For every leash purchased, Max and Neo donates one to a rescue.

Dog rescues rely on donations and are constantly in need of supplies. By buying just one leash, you get a premium leash for your dog while donating an identical one to help a dog in need. Together, we can make sure rescues have a steady supply of leashes to take care of their dogs.

Quality Materials Built to Last

Our rope leashes are made with only the best materials to ensure they can withstand constant use from you and dogs of all sizes. The leash rope is made from strong 1/2 inch nylon that won’t fray or tear over time. It’s also reflective, with multiple rows of reflective stitching so you and your dog stay visible during night walks.

The rope connects to a heavy-duty matte black metal clasp that attaches securely to your dog’s collar. The clasp is embossed with our Max and Neo logo. The ends of the leash feature quality leather that’s tightly wrapped and stitched around the rope for added durability.

We also make sure the rope features a comfortable grip so you can maintain control of your dog during walks. The leash is 6 feet long, giving your dog room to explore while keeping them close by your side.

Designed for Both Pet Parents and Rescue Dogs

We designed these leashes based on feedback from pet parents who wanted a sturdy, reflective leash they could rely on for daily walks. But we also worked closely with dog rescues to understand their needs too.

Dog rescues told us they needed affordable leashes that could withstand rough housing from rowdy rescue dogs. The leashes needed to be durable to endure constant use. And they needed to have reflective stitching for safety during nighttime dog walks.

The Max and Neo rope leash delivers on all counts. Both pet parents and rescue organizations can feel good about using our thoughtfully designed leash.

Our Donation Partners

We’re proud to work with dog rescues across the country to donate leashes. Our rescue partners include:

  • Lucky Pup Rescue – Providing vet care, training, and forever homes for dogs in need.
  • New Leash on Life – Finding loving homes for death row shelter dogs.
  • The Underdog Rescue – Specializing in helping senior, special needs, and overlooked shelter dogs.
  • The Mutt Maker – Saving sick, injured and abused dogs.
  • Second Chance Rescue – Providing a second chance for mistreated pets.

We donate to a different rescue each month, ensuring as many dogs as possible get help. The number of leashes purchased determines how many groups we can donate to. Our goal is to work through our entire donate list!

Join Our Mission

With Max and Neo leashes, you can feel good knowing your purchase helps dogs in need through our 1-for-1 donation program.

We make donating easy. Simply order a leash and walk your dog as usual, knowing your purchase is making a difference!

If you love dogs, join our mission to provide quality gear to pet parents while sustainably donating to rescues across the country.

Your purchase has the power to help transform the lives of rescue dogs while giving your beloved pet a leash built to last.

Made to Donate

Buy once, donate once. That’s our motto! We’re thrilled that you want to join our mission and help dogs in need.

We know you want a quality leash for your own pup. That’s why we built these leashes to exceed your expectations. The rope is durable enough for dogs of all sizes yet feels comfortable in your hand. The reflective stitching provides peace of mind on night walks. And the secure metal clasp keeps your dog safe.

As dog lovers, we also want to help homeless dogs waiting for forever homes. For us, donating isn’t just a part of our business – it’s why we started this business. We create quality products for you while giving back to rescues too.

Easy Giving

Shopping online and donating to charity don’t often go hand in hand. Yet with our 1-for-1 model, you can do good just by buying a leash for your own dog.

You don’t need to make an extra donation or buy something you don’t want just to give back. The donation happens automatically with each leash purchased. Just pick your color and size, checkout, and you’ve helped a dog in need. It’s that easy!

We handle coordinating the donations for you so you can focus on enjoying your new leash without hassle. Let us do the work to make giving back simple for you!

A Lifeline for Dogs

For rescue dogs, a leash represents so much more than a piece of equipment. It’s a lifeline to a forever home. Without leashes, rescues can’t take dogs to adoption events, vet visits, or foster homes where they’ll meet potential adopters.

That’s why donating leashes makes such an impact. With a steady supply, rescues can connect homeless dogs with new families. Leashes help open the door to a new life.

We wish we could save every dog. But by donating leashes, together we’re providing rescues with the tools to give as many dogs as possible a brighter future.

Join the Max and Neo Pack

Max and Neo isn’t just another pet supply company. We’re a community of dog lovers on a mission to help dogs in need.

We love dogs – they give us unconditional love and make our lives fuller. Yet millions of dogs end up homeless through no fault of their own. We started Max and Neo because we want to make a difference for these vulnerable pups.

When you order from Max and Neo, you join our pack and help care for dogs waiting in rescues. You empower these organizations to operate and save lives.

As part of the Max and Neo pack, you get:

Premium quality leashes, collars, toys, and gear for your dog
The satisfaction of donating identical leashes to dog rescues
Pride in sustainably supporting rescues across the country
Unique opportunity to help dogs find loving homes

Together, we can ensure all dogs have a family to call their own. Welcome to our pack!

A Rewarding Experience

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding experiences. But sadly pet adoption numbers decline if rescues lack supplies like leashes needed to connect dogs with potential families.

That’s the problem we’re helping solve! With your help donating leashes, more rescue dogs will get adopted into forever homes.

When you buy a Max and Neo leash, you empower rescues to increase their life-saving adoption work. You open the door for an abandoned dog to find the loving family they’ve been longing for.

It’s incredibly rewarding knowing your purchase contributed to a dog finding their happily ever after. We get to experience those heartwarming adoption stories daily and are thrilled you’ve joined us on our rewarding mission.

Make a Lasting Impact

With Max and Neo, you aren’t just buying a temporary solution. You’re contributing to a sustainable donation system that provides for rescue dogs long-term.

Dog rescues need a constant supply of leashes as old ones get worn out. Our ongoing 1-for-1 donation model provides that reliability. Rescues can count on a steady stream of donations to support their needs all year round.

By purchasing from Max and Neo, you help build an infrastructure enabling us to make donations indefinitely. You create a lasting impact that will help rescue dogs for years to come.

We’re in this for the long haul. Our commitment to donate never ends so together we can provide for rescue dogs today and tomorrow.

Thank you for being part of our mission to change lives!


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