Max & Molly USB Rechargeable Dog Safety Collar Light



Keep Your Dog Visible and Safe During Night Walks with This Bright, Waterproof LED Light

Taking your dog for a walk at night? Equip them with the Max & Molly USB Rechargeable Dog Safety Collar Light to keep them visible after dark. This super bright LED light attaches securely to collars and leashes, aimed to maximize visibility from all angles. Unlike dangling collar lights or leashes, the sleek silicone band keeps the light steady and aimed forward.

With multiple settings from bright to dim, solid to strobe, this LED safety light runs for up to 13 hours per charge. The 100% waterproof design handles wet weather and adventures like kayaking, boating, beach days, and camping. For added convenience, the light detaches easily to switch between dogs or move from collar to leash in seconds.

Key Features:

USB Rechargeable Battery: Charges fully in 30 minutes via included USB cable. Lasts up to 13 hours per charge.
100% Waterproof Silicone Band: Attach to collars, leashes, harnesses. Keeps light protected and secure in wet conditions.
Aimable Bright LED: Directed beam maximizes visibility on night walks, running, biking. Choose solid or strobe light.
Multiple Settings: High, low, strobe and solid light functions. Adjust as needed for visibility.
Lightweight and Secure Fit: Stay-put band fits any collar and won’t bounce or sway like dangling lights.

USB Rechargeable for Ultimate Convenience

The built-in rechargeable battery fully charges via the included USB cable in just 30 minutes. This gives you up to 13 hours of continuous bright light at the highest setting. With multiple settings to choose from, you can extend the battery life as needed.

Forget about constantly replacing batteries or struggling with clunky battery packs. Just plug the light in to any powered USB port. The charger makes it easy to top up the battery after each use so it’s always ready for your next late night or early morning walk.

Bright Aimable Light Directs Like a Headlamp

This isn’t your average collar light that shines weakly in all directions. The Max & Molly LED directs a bright beam forward to shine brightly ahead of your dog. The adjustable silicone band allows you to aim the light as needed for the best visibility.

The focused beam is akin to a headlamp for dogs, lighting their path and alerting any people, cyclists or cars to their presence. Choose from high and low brightness levels to find the perfect settings for each outing.

Multiple Flash Modes for Added Safety

In addition to solid high and low settings, this LED light offers flashing strobe modes. The strobe setting grabs added attention and acts like a bike light for extra safety.

Use strobe mode when walking or running along busy roads or trails after dark. The eye-catching pulsing light acts like reflectors at night, making it easier for oncoming people, cyclists and cars to notice your pup.

100% Waterproof for Any Adventure

Don’t worry about getting this collar light wet. The LED, band and housing are completely waterproof with sealed ports and connectors. Take it kayaking, boating, swimming at the beach, camping and hiking without issue.

Rain and puddles are no match for the durable construction. No need to take the light off when your dog hops into water or gets caught out in wet weather. Just keep it in place for full safety and visibility.

Secure Silicone Band Stays in Place

Aiming a light properly requires keeping it stable and steady. That’s why the Max & Molly LED uses a flexible yet strong silicone band that attaches securely to collars, leashes, harnesses and more.

The adjustable fit and grippy interior ensure the band stays put without bouncing, swaying or sliding around. No more struggling with clips that slip or break. Just stretch it over any collar or strap and it holds on snug and directed forward.

Lightweight and Non-Invasive for Comfort

Dogs hardly notice this small, lightweight LED attached to their collar or harness. The streamlined design doesn’t hang, dangle or bounce around. This prevents irritation and keeps the light directed properly without disruptive movement.

At just 1.76 ounces, it won’t weigh your dog’s neck or equipment down. The collar light is designed to be non-invasive for maximum comfort on extended adventures.

Move Easily Between Dogs and Gear

The simple and secure band makes it a breeze to move this LED light between dogs or attach to any outdoor gear in seconds. Going from one dog’s collar to another’s leash takes seconds without any buckles or clips.

Take it hiking or camping and attach it easily to packs, belts, and other gear. The stretchy band even fits well on bike helmets, child carriers, strollers, and trailers for added visibility and safety.

Designed in Germany for Quality and Function

Engineered and designed in Germany, this LED safety light undergoes extensive testing and development. The result is a superbly made and functional product you can rely on walk after walk.

From the waterproof housing to the long-lasting USB rechargeable battery, every component is built to deliver maximum performance. This collar light is built for reliability and visibility when you need it most.

Why Choose the Max & Molly Dog Collar Light?

✅ USB rechargeable for quick charging and max convenience

✅ Aimable bright beam shines a directed light for max visibility

✅ 100% waterproof silicone band attaches securely to any collar or leash

✅ Lightweight, non-invasive and stable for comfort

✅ Versatile and easy to move between dogs or gear quickly

✅ German engineered for quality, safety and performance

For safer night walks, adventures and peace of mind, light up your dog’s path with the Max & Molly USB Rechargeable Dog Collar Light.


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