Mendota Pet Slip Leash Dog Walking Training Lead and Collar for Small Medium Dogs – Made in USA Black Polypropylene 3/8 inch x 6 feet



Take your dog for a walk in style and comfort with the Mendota Pet Slip Leash. This innovative leash combines a collar and lead in one convenient and easy to use design. The adjustable slip lead allows you to quickly put on and remove the collar without the hassle of buckles, and provides control for walking your dog or training.

Handcrafted Style and Quality

This leash is handmade in the USA from durable polypropylene rope that is weatherproof, long lasting and machine washable. The vibrant black color will maintain its rich hue even after many uses. Polypropylene is a soft and pliable material that has a “broken in” supple feel to it right out of the package. The rope glides smoothly through your hands for comfortable walking or training sessions.

The adjustable collar secures with an oil-tanned leather snap. This allows you to customize the diameter to your dog’s neck size, ensuring a proper fit. The high quality leather and hardware provide durability and strength for controlling your dog during walks.

Convenient and Safe Design

The slip lead design makes it quick and easy to put on and remove your dog’s collar. Simply loosen the neck loop and slip it over your dog’s head. Pull the end of the lead through the loop and tighten to your desired fit. No need to fuss with buckles! This makes it convenient for attaching and detaching your dog before and after walks.

The rope lead measures 3/8 inch diameter and 6 feet long. This size is ideal for small to medium sized dogs under 50 pounds. The lead gives you full control over your dog without being too bulky or heavy. The smooth gliding rope also ensures no snags or cuts on your hands.

Matches Any Style

This leash comes in a classic and sophisticated solid black color. It will coordinate perfectly with any dog collar and with any casual or dressy outfit you and your dog wear. The sleek black styling gives you a put together look for strolls through the neighborhood, trips to the dog park, or walks downtown.

Designed for Comfort and Safety

Your dog’s comfort is also a top priority with this leash. The soft polypropylene rope is gentle on paws when guiding your dog during heel training. It will not chafe or irritate the neck when secured as a slip collar.

The integrated collar and leash keep your dog close by your side during walks to prevent pulling, wandering or jumping. This provides protection and control for both you and your dog when out and about. The leash is easy to grip so you can quickly restrain your dog if needed.

Built to Last

This leash is designed and constructed to be a walking companion for years to come. The rope is weatherproof and durable to withstand the elements. It won’t rot or deteriorate when wet. The vibrant color is ingrained in the fibers so it won’t fade or discolor over time.

The rope maintains its strength and flexibility for the life of the leash. It provides great traction and grip when held in your hands. The leather and metal parts are tough and built to last through miles of walks with your dog.

Easy to Clean and Care For

To clean, simply toss this leash in the washing machine and let air dry. The rope and hardware can stand up to machine washing without wear and tear. This makes cleaning a breeze when it gets dirty from outdoor use.

Proper storage will also prolong the life of your leash. Coil up the rope and hang on a hook when not in use. Try not to leave it tangled up or lying on the ground. The durable construction will last for years with proper care.

Versatile Everyday Use

This leash has many great uses for dog owners:

  • Walk your dog in comfort and style
  • Use as a training lead for heel, sit or stay commands
  • Adjust as a slip collar for additional control
  • Take your dog out to potty or exercise
  • Guide your dog politely past distractions on walks
  • Quickly leash up your dog to head out the door
  • Match with any collar for a coordinated look

It can be an everyday walking leash or training aid. The convenience and versatility make it useful in many situations.

Superior Quality Guarantee

Mendota Pet Products proudly handcrafts all of its leashes and gear in the USA. Their products are made using first-rate materials under close supervision to ensure excellence.

This leash comes backed with Mendota’s satisfaction guarantee. They want both you and your dog to be happy with this premium leash. Made for everyday adventures, it will provide you with years of outstanding performance.

Order Today!

Bring home the convenience and quality of the Mendota Slip Leash today. It makes a thoughtful gift for dog lovers and owners as well. This leash provides comfort for dogs, control for owners, and style for walking anywhere. Order now to get this versatile leash with quick delivery.


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