Mermaid Dog Costume – Sequin Fish Tail and Scallop Top for Dogs



Make your pup the star of the show with this delightful mermaid costume from Mermaid Dog Costume! This sequin and scallop outfit transforms your dog into an adorable sea creature, perfect for Halloween, birthdays, pet parades, and fantasies of undersea life. Available in sizes for small, medium and large dogs.

Shimmering Sequin Fish Tail

The highlight of this costume is the purple and teal sequin fish tail that attaches around your dog’s hind legs with velcro closures. The scales shimmer and shine as your dog walks, giving the illusion of a magical mer-pup frolicking under the sea! A fin on the tail completes the fishy look.

Matching Scallop Top

What mermaid would be complete without a seashell bikini top? This costume includes a purple scallop shell top with velcro straps for easy wear. Pair it with the tail for a complete merdog outfit. The colors coordinate perfectly for a cohesive look.

Adjustable Fit

Available in small, medium and large sizes, this mermaid costume is designed to comfortably fit different dog breeds. Measure your dog against the size chart and choose accordingly. The velcro fastenings on both the top and tail allow for adjustability for just the right fit.

Vivid, Fun Colors

The vibrant purple and teal colors of the sequins and shells lend an air of fantasy and fun. Your pup will look like they just swam up from a magical underwater kingdom! The colors coordinate but stand out for a festive look.

Costume Play for All Occasions

This merdog outfit works for dress-up fun all year round! Use it for Halloween, birthday parties, pet events, photo shoots, or anytime you want to transform your dog into a mystical sea creature. It’s a great conversation starter at any festivity.

Attention Grabbing Costume

Your pup is sure to be the center of attention in this eye-catching costume. The shimmery tail and bold colors lend uniqueness for photos and Instagram. Dress your dog up for social media fame that captures their adorable new persona.

Fun Family Activity

Not only will this outfit delight your dog, it provides fun for the whole family! Kids will love seeing your dog become a mermaid. Putting it on together offers bonding time. And you’ll make lasting memories taking amusing photos and videos.

Quick Change Between Land & Sea Dog

Thanks to the easy on/off velcro closures, you can transform your land-loving dog into a mystical mermaid (and back again!) in seconds. Switch your dog’s persona between walks and playtime for double the fun.
Surprise and delight everyone with your cam-ready mer-pup! Bring a magical splash of underwater enchantment to your festivities and photos with this sequin and shell mermaid dog costume.


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